Star Wars Series: LT Galen Marek HD for Genesis 9

Star Wars Series: LT Galen Marek HD for Genesis 9


Galen Marek, also known as Starkiller, is a character from the Star Wars universe. He is the main protagonist of the Lucas Arts video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, being Darth Vader's secret apprentice.

He also has a guest character appearance in the fighting game Soulcalibur IV, under the name "The Apprentice".

The Corellian Treaty

Thus, Starkiller searched for Master Kota, who had not died but had lost his sight in their confrontation. This helped him gather the main figures who were against the Imperial Government, and they arranged a secret meeting on Corellia. There Leia and Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Garm Bel Iblis and Rahm Kota met, and signed the Corellian Treaty, to create an Alliance to Restore the Republic and overthrow the Empire.

Vader, who was following his apprentice, commanded the 501st Legion and they were all arrested for treason. Vader left Starkiller for dead by throwing him off a cliff, but the pilot of his ship, Juno, saved him.

Vader took the prisoners to the Death Star for interrogation and execution. Galen infiltrated and engaged his former Master in combat. When he defeated Vader, he had the opportunity to kill him and replace him as Sidious's apprentice. However, he chose to save Kota when the emperor was going to kill him. To everyone's surprise, Galen defeats the emperor, but decides not to kill him since he already walked the Light Side of the Force. Sidious attempts a desperate attack on the rebels and Galen sacrifices himself, giving them a chance to escape.

His sacrifice is not forgotten, and the rebels take Galen Marek's family crest as their symbol. Being the hope of the galaxy that good always triumphs over evil.

Second part and Sith version

In the second game, Vader clones Starkiller to create a more obedient apprentice. Starkiller discovers the truth because all the clones end up dying. The ending of this game is open ended, however it was canceled by another title or continuing the story in some form.

There is an alternate version in which Starkiller decides to replace Vader as the Emperor's apprentice. And in his fight against Sidious, he is severely injured and placed in a breathing suit. As the emperor's apprentice, he will lead the Empire's fight against the Rebellion, fighting in the major battles seen in the original trilogy.

Based on this biography we have modeled this incredible character who has dark moments in the history of Star Wars.

This product contains the necessary morphs to give the character the character, materials and shapes for easy application to Genesis 9 and the necessary textures to give the character realism.

Thank you for your interest in our product and I hope it will be useful to you in your new creations.

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Compatible softwares: Bryce, Carrara, Maya, Blender, Poser, Unity, Z-Brush, Cinema 4D and another 3d programs.

What's Included and Features this Project:

Data/DAZ 3D:

Morphs: 30 Galen Marek Morphs (.DSF).

Character/Actor: (.DUF)

- LT Galen Marek HD

Materials: (Only IRAY) (.DUF)

- LT Galen Marek HD All Maps
- LT Galen Marek HD Anatomical Elements 01
- LT Galen Marek HD Anatomical Elements 02
- LT Galen Marek HD Eyelashes 01
- LT Galen Marek HD Eyelashes Default
- LT Galen Marek HD Mouth
- LT Galen Marek HD Tear 01
- LT Galen Marek HD Tear Default

Eyes: (.DUF)

- LT Galen Marek HD Eyes 01-08


- LT Galen Marek HD Eyes 01-08


- LT Galen Marek HD Eyes 01-08

Shapes: (.DUF)

- LT Galen Marek HD Body Apply/REM.
- LT Galen Marek HD Fullbody Apply/REM.
- LT Galen Marek HD Head Apply/REM.


62 Textures, Bump, Subsurface, Specular. Ambient Occlusion Weight,... Maps (4096 x 4096px) (png and .tif).

This Character uses the Genesis 9 Base UV Maps.

File Types: .DUF

Compatible Figures:

- Daz Studio 4.21
- DSON Importer for Poser
- Daz to Maya Bridge
- Daz to Blender Bridge
- Daz to C4D Bridge

Compatible Figures:

- Genesis 9 Males


Character Contemporary, Realistic, sci-fi and Fantasy.

Required Products:

- Genesis 9 Starter Essentials
- Genesis 9 Starter Essentials Bundle


3D Models and Assets/People and Wearables/Genesis 9.


DAZ Install Manager

- Unzip the zip file to a temporarily folder
- Copy the "data, People and Runtime" folders in the unzipped folder and paste them into your DAZ 3D Library folder

(e.g. C:Users/Public/Documents/My DAZ 3D Library)


- Personal Use Only License

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Not intended for redistribution.

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