Underwater Wonders for Poser

Underwater Wonders for Poser

Welcome to the mysterious and wonderful world beneath the water surface.
This complete scene builder set will enable you to create awesome underwater scenes with endless
variation. It includes a seafloor and (hight adjustable) water surface, rocks, seaweeds,
(posable) marine animals and a large collection of material and light presets to simulate the
underwater effects. The presets vary from shallow water to deep-sea, and from crystal-clear to
dark murky green water. The material presets and light can be combined or tweaked in many ways
to create various effects. All the promotional images were made using the default included
presets and items (not the girls) to give you some inspiration and an idea of the possibilities.
Creating a scene is quite easy and quick, because things like seaweed load in clusters and rocks
are stacked together and have already seaweed growing on them.

The underwater effects do NOT make use of "Volumetric Atmosphere", which means that your renders
will have normal render times. Although the items/props are compatible with the optional SuperFly
render-engine, the "water" effect is not supported, so that would require much post editing.

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Poser 8 / Poser Pro 2010+

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