Ancient Persia Kitbash - City Center Focus Group

Ancient Persia Kitbash - City Center Focus Group

This is one group of models from a kitbash collection of about one hundred (100) models for the ancient Persian city of Istahr. Istahr was a principal Persian city of the ancient Archaemenid Empire founded in 7th Century Persia. The kitbash collection includes some of the major and minor buildings of the city, fountains, boats, background dome and wall structures, and many small items, such as spears, hanging lamps, tables, chairs, bronze "coffee" pots, planters and date palm trees.

The purpose of a "kitbash" collection is to provide you with enough models to allow you to lay out a scene of your own devising. You can arrange the models any way you choose. You can make cityscape scenes with dramatic sunrises, storm clouds or sunsets, embed the city into a landscape, or focus in on an area and populate a neighborhood with Poser or other characters. This is a good way to make use of all those Arabic characters and clothing you purchased in the past.

Because the kitbash collection is extensive, the models are organized into small workable (and affordable) groups that focus on a portion of the city. Each group has sufficient models to allow you to design a reasonably complete scene.

This specific "City Center Group" has twenty models in it, including major buildings such as the Zoroastrian Fire Temple and the Government Building, minor buildings, the major fountains for the plaza area, and some small items, such as the silver spears of the Immortal Guards who protected the kings, the spear stands and the fire urn for the front of the Government Building.

This Group also includes two of the high resolution Date Palms in the kitbash collection and their stone planters. In general, plants are not included in this kitbash collection because they are readily available from other vendors. But date palms, that would be characteristic of this area of the world are not as commonly found in the 3d world - most 3d palm trees are coconut or other kinds of inappropriate palms. Therefore, the kitbash collection includes five high resolution Date Palms for close-up views, and ten lower resolution Date Palms for background scenery.

The second picture here displays many of the large objects in the kitbash collection. (Smaller items such as tables and brass coffee pots and cups would be too small to see at this scale).

The subsequent pictures show the main items in this particular Group of models. The principal buildings for the city center are displayed, along with a few close-ups of some of the items in this group.

All the Istahr Kitbash models are high resolution, as illustrated in the pictures of these lamps and fountains, but have been made with care to minimize the number of polygons so that you can populate a large scene without overly straining your computer. These models are in the *.obj file format, which can be imported in a wide variety of programs. Because these models are high resolution, you can use any of them for both close-up or far-away scenes.

A catalogue showing all the models available in the kitbash collection is included in the zip files for this smaller group of models, and is available for download elsewhere on the site.

Requirements:  Any program that opens obj files.

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