AtoZ Massive Octagonal Hub I v1

AtoZ Massive Octagonal Hub I v1

AtoZ Massive Octagonal Hub I v1
The HUB is a noisy place. There is the loud sliding of the multiple Double Airlocks opening and closing which seem to happen again and again all day long. Then there's all the vehicular traffic coming from all the Hub's Portals. And there is also the loud loaders and heavy pounding footfalls of the Mechanized Guardians as they move as necessary to guard and protect the Hub. Then there are the blaring alarms as most of the Hub's occupants stop as the Twin Turn Table is about rotate. Of course this is the loudest sound of all as the majority of the Hub's floor slowly rotates after whatever has required the turntable in order to access another portal because the vehicle is so large it can't turn in order to use that portal. In short it is a VERY noisy place.
Use this AtoZ Massive Octagonal HUB to attach up to eight Octagonal Massives or use the included Octagonal to Round adapters to affix any of the wide variety of (Round) Massives you may have in your libraries! By the way as mentioned above, if a vehicle being brought in is too long and can't turn to go where it wants to, almost the entire floor of the HUB is a a Huge Massive Dual Turntable which can accomodate just about any wheeled vehicle you may own!
Furthermore, this set includes both an Airlock Control Booth (each can operate one portal) and you get one Booth designed for Turntable Control. Each of these is fully articulated with everything from rotating control handles to sliders with lockout buttone and they both have power lock out switches that require you to flip up the red cover in order to flick the toggle switch to allow power to flow to the controls!
AtoZ has made the each Portal as easy to use as possible with easy to use ERC Controls. Every inner and outer paired set of airlock doors slide down with one ERC and then rotate with another ERC to clear the Portal Opening. That's four ERCs per Portal for a total of 32 ERCs!
If you're wondering about Camera Positioning issues, don't! Every Ceiling Section, Wall Section and Airlock Section can easily be Hidden in the Hierarchy Window so NO Camera Placement Issues.
You also get MAT Poses to change the screens on the booths from Declined to Granted Access. And Eight Poses that open each of the Twin Airlocks in a blink! Also Smart Loads for the Turntables!
Last but not least is a AtoZ Massive !Pre(load) of the hub fully equipped!
The files are in:
.obj files: (
.jpg files:
Runtime>Libraries>Camera>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Plus>Massive Octagonal
Runtime>Libraries>Character>TJM>Construcion>Massive 1 Plus>Massive Octagonal
Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM>Construcion>Massive 1 Plus>Massive Octagonal
Runtime>Libraries>Pos>TJM>Construcion>Massive 1 Plus>Massive Octagonal>Hub MATs Plus> (3 Subdirectories) Default MATS, Open Close Airlocks and Operations Plus < Here are the Poses and MAT Poses for "operating" the Booths!
LIST of files:

Massive Oct Hub MAD Cams 1

!Pre Massive Octagonal Hub 1
Massive Oct Airlock Control
Massive Oct TT Control
Massive Oct2Rnd Female Adapter
Massive Oct2Rnd Male Adapter
Massive Octagonal Hub 1

Handle 3
Massive Hub Mount 1 Top
Massive Hub Mount 2 Top
Massive ID Plate
Massive Oct Airlock Control
Massive Oct TT Control
Massive Oct2Rnd Female Adapter
Massive Oct2Rnd Male Adapter
Massive Octagonal Hub 1
MOH Ring 1
Smart Handle 3
Smart Massive ID Plate
Smart MOH Ring 1
Smart MOH Turntable Inner
Smart MOH Turntable Outer
Smart MOHub Mount 1
Smart MOHub Mount 2
Turntable Inner
Turntable Outer

Pose:Default MATS:
Massive Hub Mount 1 Top MAT
Massive Hub Mount 2 Top MAT
Massive Oct2Rnd Female MAT
Massive Oct2Rnd Male MAT
MOH ID Plate 1 Def MAT
MOH Ring 1 Def MAT

Pose:Open Close Airlocks:
MOHub Airlock 1 Close.pz2
MOHub Airlock 1 Open.pz2
MOHub Airlock 2 Close.pz2
MOHub Airlock 2 Open.pz2
MOHub Airlock 3 Close.pz2
MOHub Airlock 3 Open.pz2
MOHub Airlock 4 Close.pz2
MOHub Airlock 4 Open.pz2
MOHub Airlock 5 Close.pz2
MOHub Airlock 5 Open.pz2
MOHub Airlock 6 Close.pz2
MOHub Airlock 6 Open.pz2
MOHub Airlock 7 Close.pz2
MOHub Airlock 7 Open.pz2
MOHub Airlock 8 Close.pz2
MOHub Airlock 8 Open.pz2

Pose:Operations Plus:
MOHB Airlocks Denied Cont MAT
MOHB Airlocks Granted Cont MAT
MOHB Airlocks Off
MOHB Airlocks On
MOHB TT Denied Cont MAT
MOHB TT Granted Cont MAT
(TT = TurnTable)
AtoZ hopes you'll enjoy this rejuvanation for our Massive Series of Massive Sets!

ENJOY! (exuberant shout... not yelling:)
I hope you decide to add this AtoZ offering to your Libraries, if you do so, may I thank you in advance!
Legal Copyright 2020 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc.
Renderosity License in Documents Folder

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