Northern European Streets Kit For Vue

Northern European Streets Kit For Vue

This kit, for Vue 9 or higher, has six buildings that are low-poly, intended to be background objects for an old-style Northern European streets scene of your composition.
You can make adjustments to the materials applied to different parts of the buildings. You can add a sign to the warehouse building if you choose.

The Kit also contains all the higher-resolution components for laying out a series of streets, including the stone pavement, curbs, sidewalks and intersections, plus typical street hardware. By "hardware," I mean old-style metal street lamps, signposts, metal bumpers, stanchions and chains, plus iron utilities, such as building drainpipes and utility boxes.

Of course, there is a car, in case you lack one. In this case, the car is a medium-resolution 1935 Jaguar - a car whose vintage is in keeping with the age of the buildings and pavement.

The buildings typically have two different faces so that if you duplicate them, you can obtain some variation along a street by rotating one to present a different face than the other. All the glass windows in the buildings have a Vue standard smoked/dirty glass material applied to them so that you cannot see into the interiors of the buildings. Depending on your scene, you might want to change this material to be more or less reflective, or to take on a different color.

There are two "standard street sections" in the package that are single units. These have a center of grey-blue stone pavement, two dirty curbs on either side, and two stone pavement sidewalks on either side of the curbs.

There is a four-way intersection that has 21 individual components for the stone pavement, the curbs, the sidewalks, the intersection center, and each street section. The straight street sections have an old iron drain. This group of street objects can be dissasembled so that you can make a three-way or a two-way intersection if you wish. Or you can use the pieces to better design your own intersection. The sub-components are grouped into a single unit so that you can easily position the entire intersection.

There is a T-shaped intersection that is a single piece, provided for ease of use.

The kit contains five different metal street lamps. Each lamp has a sub-component metal pole, glass and lamp center, plus a pre-positioned point light. You can access the individual components to change the materials applied to them. That is, if you prefer that the street lamps be green metal, you can change the colors. You can adjust the strength of the light inside the lamps to best illuminate your scene.

There is an old-style iron street clock. This has sub-component pieces that you can access and change as desired.

There is an old-style iron street sign. This has individual pieces that you can access to provide street names of your own choosing.

Many European streets use street signs that are wooden or metal boards mounted on the walls of the buildings at the street intersection. One sign is included, and you can access the sub-components to give the street any name you desire.

Finally, there are three pieces of iron hardware commonly found on old streets in Northern Europe. These are the low drainpipes coming out of the bases of buildings and curving down to the sidewalk. And metal utility pedestals, and old iron plates set into the sidewalks.

The 1935 Jaguar car has 17 accessible sub-components whose colors or materials you can change as desired.

Software: Vue 9

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