Artist's Block and Artist's Overload : Survival Guide Video

Artist's Block and Artist's Overload : Survival Guide Video

Have you ever had "Artist's block" or "Artist's overload"?

"Artist's block" is where you've hit afrustrated muse- where your creative reserves appeared to have run dry (at least temporarily).

At the other end of the scale, you may have had TOO many ideas at once "Artist's overload" and arestuck in a jungle of possibilities.It's then hard in selecting one idea or another in order to take action. A subset of this problem is the "too many shiny toys" syndrome - where there's so many tools or content to consider, it just gets in the way of you actually taking action and being creative.

Have you gone through one or the other, or even both?!

This tutorial from Digital Art Live shares a 12 point survival guideto help you either get out of yourcreative desertoroverloaded ideas jungle. As well as the 12 point guide, it also includes experiences from a few artists fromthe Digital Art Live community.

What about you? As you go through this tutorial guide, think about these questions:-

  1. What's led your muse to being frustrated right now or most recently?
  2. How have you dealt with those times when you have had a frustrated muse?
  3. If you've had "Artist's overload" - how have you climbed out of that trap?
  4. What is your top media (music/film/book), art resource, online tool or software application that has helped you overcome a block or overload?

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What's Included and Features

  • Artist's Block and Artist's Overload : Survival Guide
  • Video : 1 hour 25 minutes (.MP4)
    • 00:00 Introduction
    • 00:02 What is artist's block?
    • 00:03 The creative journey
    • 00:07 What causes artist’s block?
    • 00:09 Enemy no 1 : self doubt
    • 00:11 Fear of judgement
    • 00:13 Lack of skill
    • 00:14 Mental/physical exhaustion
    • 00:15 Artist block remedies
    • 00:16 About acceptance
    • 00:19 Write down your creative goal
    • 00:22 Take a break!
    • 00:25 Change your creative space
    • 00:29 Connect with the people you love
    • 00:32 Don’t overthink : just do!
    • 00:34 Three types of action
    • 00:37 Jump to a different creative project
    • 00:40 Keep a notepad/ideas folder
    • 00:43 Rid distractions
    • 00:45 Accountability
    • 00:46 Mike C - overcoming inertia on starting up his artwork again
    • 00:55 Using challenges and competitions to provide motivation
    • 00:57 What is artist's overload?
    • 00:59 What's the one thing?
    • 01:03 Curiosity and creativity
    • 01:04 Trevor Hancock on his experience of artist’s block
    • 01:10 Bob K's thoughts on overcoming block and overload
    • 01:25 Close
  • PDF Slide deck document accompanying the video presentation

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