Bryce 7.1 Pro - High Resolution Terrains - Set 1

Bryce 7.1 Pro - High Resolution Terrains - Set 1

Bryce features an extraordinary terrain editor but creating terrains in the highest resolution is awkward because Bryce gets slow. We have generated terrains outside of Bryce, converted and imported them into Bryce at the full planetary resolution. For terrains in the distance, lower resolution terrains were generated as well and put into an objects library for easy access.

To get the most out of such high resolution terrains, new materials were developed. These bring the terrains to their full advantage. These materials are also available from the materials library.

There are five terrains, each one with two (and one derived) different materials. Ten scenes have each seven camera positions stored and the renders from these camera positions are included.

Additionally, five scenes are set up as environments to make it easy for you to populate the landscaped with plants, characters, buildings or whatever you fancy. These scenes have six camera positions preset rather low to the ground. For each of these scenes and camera positions, an interactive virtual reality movie as a full panorama is included. You can turn around and look up to the sky and to the ground, zoom in and out so you can easily find the ideal spot for your project.
All the landscapes are under an HDRI enhanced sky. The HDRIs are included so they can be re-used for any other artwork you embark on. And there are over 2 hours worth of videos to help you along.

  • This product includes:
    • 1 Bryce Installer
Compatible 3D Figures
Compatible 3D Software
What's Included & Features
  • 15 scene files using 4096 resolution terrains (.BR7 and .BMP)
      10 Photo shots with 7 saved camera positions each
      5 Environments with 6 saved camera positions each

    1 Objects Library (.OBP) containing 5 terrains in 1024 and 2048 resolution (a video explains how to add the 4096 ones)
    1 Materials Library (.MAT) containing 15 curvature filtered materials

      10 unique for the photo shots
      5 derived from the unique ones for the environments

    2 sky dome light probes (.HDR)

      2 low resolution 1024 px diameter
      2 high resolution 2560 px diameter

    11 videos (.MP4)

      8 specific
      3 general

    70 renders (.JPG) showing all photo shot scenes with all saved camera positions
    30 QTVRs (.MOV) showing all environments with all saved camera positions
    5 overhead renders (.JPG) identifying all saved camera positions
    2 documents (.PDF)
    24 text files (.TXT) listing the content in the folders