Castle Creator for Daz Studio: The Palace

Castle Creator for Daz Studio: The Palace

Welcome to Castle Creator for Daz Studio: The Palace, a massive add-on for your all-in-one Castle builder, where you get to control every step of the process - from the size of the walls to the number, shape, and position of the windows on each tower.

Castle Creator for Daz Studio: The Palace comes with updates to the original three castles, as well as the new sprawling palace.

Packaged with over 700 individual sections and almost 100 pre-built sections, this is more than twice as large as the first product. While the original product focused on the structure, this one adds decorative elements that will take your castles to a whole new level. Highlights include:

Machicolations—or battlements that stretch out further to allow, rocks and oil to rain down over the enemy.

The Octagonal towers, with 1.5m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 4.5m 5m, and 6m sections.

A domed roof, flying buttresses, tall and imposing arches, and spires, steep roofs, round windows as well as window sections that stretch on forever.

There are four new scripts, including the lathe tool that can calculate, duplicate and rotate any object, or group of objects quickly and easily, allowing you to create unique octagonal outer walls, or simply shave in half the time it takes to create a tower.

If you enjoyed the original product, then you will love this new update.

What's Included and Features

  • Castle Creator for Daz Studio: The Palace: (.DUF)
  • Complete Props
    • Dome x7
    • Bridge02 x5
    • C01 Building x5
    • C01 Double Tower01 x2
    • C01 Oct Tower01 x2
    • Square Tower06 x3
    • Castle01 E
    • C02 Entrance01 E
    • C02 Keep01 E
    • C02 Round Tower x2
    • C02 Square Tower01 E
    • C02 Wall x2
    • Castle02 E
    • C03 Bay01 E
    • C03 Building x2
    • C03 Entrance01 E
    • C03 Flying Buttress01 E
    • C03 Keep01 E
    • C03 Round Tower x2
    • C03 Square Tower x5
    • C03 Wall x4
    • C03 Castle03 E
    • C03 Inner Wall
    • C04 B01 Bridge01
    • C04 B01 Tower x2
    • C04 Building01 x2
    • C04 B02 Courtyard Build x7
    • C04 B02 Tower01
    • C04 Building02
    • C04 B03 Tower x2
    • C04 Building03
    • C04 B04 Bridge01
    • C04 B04 BridgeGate01
    • C04 B04 Dome01
    • C04 B04 Keep01
    • C04 B04 Side01
    • C04 B04 SqrTower x3
    • C04 B04 Tower x3
    • C04 B04 Wing x3
    • C04 Building05
    • Castle04
    • Slab01 x2
    • Staircase01 x7
    • Round Tower x3
  • Individual Props
    • Arch02 x8
    • Arch03 x8
    • Arch04 x9
    • D Arch01 x2
    • Battlement02 x22
    • Bridge02 x13
    • Flying Buttress01 x12
    • WallRailing01 x4
    • WallRailing02 x2
    • D Entrance01 x6
    • Door03 x2
    • Floor02a x25
    • Step01a x25
    • Oct Pillar01 x4
    • Oct SteepRoof x2
    • Pillar03 x16
    • Pillar04 x21
    • Flat InnerRoof01 x9
    • Inner Roof01 x24
    • LowRoof01 x32
    • Roof01 RoofEdge x10
    • SteepRoof01 x20
    • RoofEdge x13
    • Roof01 Peak x9
    • Roof02 x20
    • SteepRoof01 x32
    • Stairs01 x19
    • Hex Edge01 x24
    • Hex CornerBlock01 x3
    • Oct 1.5m x11
    • Oct 2m x11
    • Oct 3m x15
    • Oct 4.5m x12
    • Oct 4m x12
    • Oct 5m x12
    • Oct 6m x15
    • Oct CornerBlock01 x3
    • Round02 x20
    • Round x5
    • Square 1.5m x3
    • Square 3m x3
    • Square 4.5m x3
    • Square 6m x3
    • D Wall Arch01 x3
    • D Wall Arch02 x3
    • D Wall Arch03 x3
    • Wall01 CornerBlock01 x3
    • D Wall x38
    • Corner Wall01 x3
    • Wall01 0.75 x3
    • Window Round x7
    • Window06 x8
    • Window07 x4
    • Window08 x9
    • Window08 N x26
  • Scripts
    • CC Change Instance Target
    • CC Lathe
    • CC Parent to Last
    • CC Select Instances
  • Textures Include:
    • 57 Texture, Normal Maps (1024 x 1024 - 2048 x 2048)

Required Products:

Castle Creator for Daz Studio

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.20

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install