Den Outfit for G8M

Den Outfit for G8M

This is a casual outfit. It can be used every day by anyone. This is not a dForce item.

What you get with this package:

- Den Boots
- Den Belt
- Den Belt Wearable (Belt + Buckle)
- Den Pants
- Den Pants and Belt Wearable (Pants + Belt Wearable)
- Den Top
- Den Jacket
- Den Jacket Wearable (Jacket + Buttons)
- Den All Wearable (all items loaded in one click)

You'll get 1 Iray texture for each item and 6 Iray textures for the Jacket Wearable (3 options for Jacket with fur (jacket fur, jacket fur with buttons, jacket fur with zipper) and 3 options for Jacket without fur (jacket, jacket with buttons, jacket with zipper).

- 4 Transparencies (1 for the Jacket and 3 for the Top) + Transparency Reset for the Jacket + Transparency Reset for the Top.

OBS! The top has a 100 percent dialed morph called "Fit Den Jacket." This is done to make the Top fit in the Jacket.
Simply set this morph "Fit Den Jacket" to zero if you want to use the Top without the Jacket.
Do the same when using transparencies. Just dial down the morph "Fit Den Jacket" to zero when using any transparency on the Top or the Jacket.

This is a multicolor texture. Multicolor means that you can put any color on any item. The bumps and normals are made so you can do that.
To apply these effects:
- Go to the surface tab
- Select the surface(s) of the outfit you want to change.
- Left-click on the Base Color's little square on the left and set None. You get a white blank object. Don't worry, it's normal.
- Left-click in the Base Color's big white rectangle and apply any color you want.
- You're done for a rendering!

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio