Dynamic Training Outfit

Dynamic Training Outfit

I made super short video of this outfit, combined with soft body physics.

The major advantage of dynamic clothing is it fits perfectly to your figure. With dynamic clothing there's no need to use breast fixer, cleavage fixer, etc. Conforming clothing requires such fixer for breasts area, even then, it still doesn't look good enough or realistic enough. Especially when your character has big breasts or custom breast morphs, the way conforming clothing conforms to the breasts, it's just not acceptable.

Create fantastic renders and animations with Dynamic Training Outfit!

Advantages of using this outfit:
* Fits perfectly and looks good at the breasts, as stated above.
* Can wrinkle automatically.
* Behaves like real life clothing.
* Adjusts automatically just as your character moves, no need to spend hours to manually adjust the clothing to prevent poking thru.
* Everything is done automatically, you only need to load your character pose and morphs, calculate the dynamics, wait few minutes, render and done.
* Fully supports soft body physics. Want to create realistic animation with your character's breasts jiggle? With Training Outfit, it is possible, with conforming clothing, it is NOT possible.

List of compatible figures:
* Genesis 2 Female
* Victoria 4
* Genesis
* Genesis 3 Female
* Dawn

Q & A:
Q: Is this outfit compatible with DAZ Studio?
A: This outfit can only be calculated in Poser, but you can render it in DAZ Studio.

Q: Is it easy to use dynamic clothing?
A: Easy, you just need to load your character, its pose and morphs, calculate the dynamic clothing and render. I've also included tutorial for people who are new to dynamic clothing.

Software: Poser 6+

Compatible figures: Victoria 4, Genesis, Dawn, Genesis 2 Female, Genesis 3 Female

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