Fantasy Taverns: A Workshop on Multi-Character and Atmospheric Scenes

Fantasy Taverns: A Workshop on Multi-Character and Atmospheric Scenes

In this workshop tutorial, we look at the great storytelling venue of the fantasy tavern and learn how to set up multi-character and atmospheric scenes with 4 sets in DAZ Studio and one set in Carrara.

Fantasy taverns, bars, cantinas, or saloons — these are all key social meeting points where crucial plot points are carried out for visual storytelling. How do you effectively recreate these environments for your story? There are several challenges for the digital artist depicting when depicting these kinds of scenes.

1) Taverns or bars tend to be dark interior environments, so they can be a little challenging to light and depict what’s going on.

2) These places tend to be messy and busy in terms of props. Achieving realism can include a fair amount of detailing.

3) Being social gathering points, it’s a case of building plenty of characters in these scenes to make them feel populated and busy.

4) These places can have dense and smoky atmospheres; how do you best create that – on the set or as postwork?

This is a recording of a tutorial Workshop that was hosted at a live event by Digital Art Live. We've been connecting, educating, and inspiring digital artists in our weekly live webinars since 2013. Look out for our community webinar workshops at the Digital Art Live website and our other tutorial products in the Daz 3D store.

Sample of the searchable workshop video:

What's Included and Features

  • Video tutorial total running time : 1 hour 22 minutes
    • 1 x MP4 video for downloading
    • A captioned and searchable video for keywords and phrases in the transcription
  • Video content
  • Karen - Exploring the FG Mystic Alehouse (DAZ Studio)
  • Fain : Mixing genres - Styling the ROG Red Crow Inn (by Roguey and Strangefate) as a Cyperpunk set. (DAZ Studio)
  • Trevor : Building a steampunk bar (DAZ Studio)
  • Doug : Creating a Western style saloon scene (Carrara)
  • Judith : Handling a multi-character scene with low resources
  • 00:02 Karen using the DAZ Studio set Mystic Alehouse
  • 00:03 Opacity settings in a small set
  • 00:05 Exploring the set
  • 00:07 Focal length and width to use in smaller sets
  • 00:08 Camera selection
  • 00:10 Lighting considerations
  • 00:13 Cool vs warm lighting and calibrating monitors
  • 00:18 Fain : Mixing genres - Styling the DAZ Studio ROG Red Crow Inn for a cyberpunk set
  • 00:19 The seeds of the project
  • 00:20 What to keep in the ROG Red Crow Inn
  • 00:24 Altering the lighting in the set
  • 00:28 Using Ultraviolet black lighting.
  • 00:32 About the characters on the set and how they’re emphasized
  • 00:35 Suspension of belief
  • 00:40 Creating smoke elements on the set with Photoshop.
  • 00:44 Smoke and lit candles
  • 00:49 Trevor : the Steampunk bar (DAZ Studio asset : Saunders Tavern)
  • 00:54 The backstory
  • 00:58 Editing the characters
  • 01:00 Using the geometry editor and when to use it
  • 01:04 Doug : Western Style Saloon (Carrara)
  • 01:06 Lighting the set
  • 01:08 Positioning the camera on the set
  • 01:09 Carrara assigning lights to different characters.
  • 01:12 Native rendering in Carrara is quick
  • 01:13 Judith : skeletons at the bar - using a low resource machine (DAZ Studio)
  • 01:16 About the backstory
  • 01:18 Feedback on the scene
  • 01:22 Continuing the discussion in the STUDIO forum

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