Reflections and Light: Tutorial Set

Reflections and Light: Tutorial Set

Presenting the Reflections and Light: Tutorial Set for 3d artists!

Mirrors and reflections provide a fascinating aspect to artwork, both in the use of character-based scenes and landscapes. There are a number of shaders, scripts, and props that work really well when working with reflections in a scene. In this community-based tutorial, we share tips, recommended resources, and artwork that use reflections as a primary element.

This community session includes ten artists using DAZ Studio, Poser, Carrara, Mojoworld, and VUE.

  • How to set up a primitive with reflective surfaces in Iray
  • Challenges and tips for using reflections in Poser
  • Smooth water reflections in DAZ Studio
  • Using the Reflection Designer scripts for DAZ Studio
  • Artwork created with Iray Glassworx
  • Reflections in a character's eyes
  • Water reflections in environments
  • Glass reflections
  • Helmet visor reflections

Bonus Tutorial: Light Effects, Properties, and Types

Have you ever been confused about the different lighting terms used in computer graphics? Ever wondered a little more about the science of light?

Terms such as volumetric light, diffraction, and subsurface scattering are explained here, and this tutorial will help those who have struggled with these lighting terms and more. We'll also go into some of the science of light to give a fuller background on the subject and talk about the most common light types we see used in 3D graphics applications such as DAZ Studio.

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Product poster artwork by Joe Pingleton

What's Included and Features

  • Reflections and Light: Tutorial Set
  • Video 1 : Reflections Community workshop : 1 hour and 16 minutes
    • 00:00 introduction
    • 00:01 Primer on two types of reflection
    • 00:02 Question on night time reflections on glass
    • 00:02 Karen Williams : Lightening, Day and Night scenes with glass.
    • 00:08 Using the idea of a mirror to transform a character.
    • 00:10 Fain - Cyberpunk artwork scene - Setting up a primitive plane as a mirror
    • 00:15 Turning a surface into a glass like material using Iray
    • 00:20 Kathleen Sibo : challenges using reflections in Poser for props.
    • 00:22 Reflections in Carrara.
    • 00:25 Reflections in a spacesuit helmet visor. Firefly tips for reflections.
    • 00:29 Displacement or bump settings allow adjustment for quality of water reflections.
    • 00:30 Leyla Munteanu : smooth water reflections in DAZ Studio
    • 00:35 DAZ character reflected in multiple mirrors.
    • 00:41 Mike Bonafede : Girl on a train - reflection in carriage window.
    • 00:45 Pablo Stendjian : Reflection in a character's eyes.
    • 00:49 Trevor Hancock - using Iray Glassworx
    • 00:50 Wet glass, two sided glass, frosted glass
    • 00:52 Using the Reflection Designer script : picking which elements to reflect.
    • 00:58 Vassago using Poser : reflection in a character's eyes.
    • 01:04 Bob Keck using VUE - Reflections in postwork.
    • 01:06 The crystal cube
    • 01:09 Helmet visor reflections
    • 01:11 Reflection on wet surfaces
    • 01:12 Paul Bussey's Mojoworld artwork including a volumetric world.
  • Video 2 : Light Effects, Properties and Types Explained: 1 hour 24 minutes
    • Light Effects
      • Reflection
      • Refraction
      • Caustics
      • Translucency
      • Shadow
    • Light Properties
      • Mood
      • Colour
      • Intensity
      • Decay
    • Light Types
      • Point light
      • Spot light
      • Area light
      • Directional light
      • Volumetric light

Compatible Software:

Carrara, Daz Studio 4.15, Vue

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install