Scene Mastery Tutorial : Overwater

Scene Mastery Tutorial : Overwater

Building scenes involving water introduces a unique set of hurdles to overcome for the 3D artist. Water can affect the lighting, mood and the look of materials in your scene and it's vital to understand how you can adjust the characters, props, materials, and colors to ensure the resulting render will work and that the realism will shine!

Ensuring that the'physics or effects of water are represented in a scene such as bubbles, foam, splashes, ripples, whirlpools, waves and wakes can also take some doing, but with the right observations and resources all of these challenges can be conquered in this tutorial by Tiffanie Grey.

Tutorial running time : 1 hour 45 minutes

You'll Learn

  • Understanding of the properties of surface water in 3D/2D art
  • Observation training on real-world overwater scenes
  • Refraction and reflection
  • Choosing appropriate colors for scenes
  • How to alter your Out of the Box environment to achieve scene goals
  • Color and light adjustments
  • Adding props to enhance your scenes
  • Study of how hair, skin, clothes, and objects react and appear wet out of the water
  • How to simulate wakes, foam and edge collision above water
  • How water and other liquids react in puddles and cups
  • Using geoshells, LIE and Decals on skin and items
  • Suggestions for post-work in 2d programs

About Tiffanie Gray

Tiffanie is known as Dakorillon and Immortal Moments Art to the art world on the web. She has been selling at Renderosity and HiveWire3D since 2016. She has been using PD Howler (known as Project Dogwaffle), since version 1.1a in 2001. She originally started using PD Howler since it’s a natural fit for artists that have a traditional background – and so began learning it with glee! She now uses Howler for nearly everything to do with digital art and content creation. Since 3D artwork is becoming an indispensable tool in her box of tricks, she is happy that Howler still works so well with these new tools.

All of her art experience is self-taught, she read books or took small workshops to learn traditional art. Howler, then Daz Studio, Poser, Hexagon, and other art programs she has added were by the same method. She primarily focuses on fantasy and science fiction, but also creates still lifes, landscapes, and portraits. She also uses her images in book cover designs and web design.

What's Included and Features

  • Scene Mastery Tutorial: Overwater: (.MP4)
    • Class materials :
      • 00:01 Introduction
      • 00:02 Observations in looking at reference images
      • 00:13 Why should we include water in our art?
      • 00:16 Overwater colors
      • 00:16 Refraction and reflection
      • 00:18 More distance is reflection
      • 00:20 Reference photos and discussion
      • 00:35 Real or not quiz
      • 00:49 Details such as water rings, water marks, foam, etc
      • 00:50 Rendered out of the box.
      • 00:53 Example 1 : Misty river gorge by Stonemason
      • 00:55 What do we need to do to sell the scene?
      • 00:56 Realistic poses for the characters
      • 01:02 Example 2 : ducks on water
      • 01:04 Problems with out of the box render and elements where it works
      • 01:08 Example 3 - Hidden cave pool
      • 01:20 Tasos’s artwork : 3 pieces talked about
      • 01:26 Water on skin. What to watch for.
      • 01:28 Water on clothes
      • 01:30 Water on hair - just coming out of water
      • 01:30 Sweat on skin
      • 01:32 Reference photos on water with skin/hair
      • 01:33 Tears. Postwork better than Iray
      • 01:35 Geoshells not working so well - wet skin on 3D daz characters
      • 01:39 Iray reflective skin
      • 01:44 dForce rigged water : shower
      • 01:44 Pouring water into a glass
      • 01:45 Rigged force rain or Ron’s brushes for water drips
      • 01:47 Creating a geo-shell with sheen

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Install Types:

DIM, Manual Install