Stonemason: Community Art Workshops Using Stonemason Assets

Stonemason: Community Art Workshops Using Stonemason Assets

Just about everyone that uses DAZ Studio would have come across Stonemason's amazing environments and props.

His works range from mech robots to sprawling cityscapes, spanning the present, past, and future. His creations are featured in hundreds if not thousands of renders posted on various art and 3D gallery sites.

This community workshop discussed and shared artworks that have used Stonemason assets, plus we had active "walkarounds" through some of his sets with the virtual camera in Daz Studio. The discussion and sharing included:

  • Favorite Stonemason assets
  • Personalizing sets
  • Converting his sets from 3DL to Iray
  • Custom lighting on Stonemason sets
  • Great camera angles found on the sets
  • Detailing and texturing
  • Virtual camera walkarounds on the sets
  • Preset camera angles
  • Stonemason accessory assets

Searchable and captioned sample of the workshops:

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Product cover artwork by Fain

What's Included and Features

  • These community workshops occurred over two sessions totaling 1 hour and 52 minutes.
    • 02 x MP4 video files in HD resolution for downloading
    • 01 x PDF with access to searchable and captioned recordings.
  • 1st Workshop Timeline (1 hour 1 minute):
    • 00:00 Introduction
    • 00:01 Fain on using Urban Future 5 for a Cyberpunk story world.
    • 00:05 Are Stonemason sets heavy on resources?
    • 00:08 Bob Keck using Alien Discovery
    • 00:09 Stonemason’s Mech 2012 enforcer
    • 00:12 About the large Frontier Outpost set
    • 00:14 Personalising your Stonemason sets. Using geometry editor to alter the set.
    • 00:18 Making building windows luminous in VUE
    • 00:22 Using Stonemason city blocks in VUE ecosystems
    • 00:25 Trevor Hancock using Stonemason sets for testing character artwork
    • 00:27 The enchanted forest
    • 00:34 Superheroes amongst Utopia City Blocks
    • 00:36 Three frame story challenge in the Sci-fi interior
    • 00:37 Lighting in Stonemason sets
    • 00:42 Fan art using the Streets of London
    • 00:44 Karen Williams testing render speeds on a Stonemason set
    • 00:46 Vladamir Chopine (Geek At Play) using Stonemason sets for amazing composite artwork
    • 00:49 Using VUE and Urban Future 3 for composites
    • 00:50 Sci-fi bedroom with real photographed models
    • 00:53 The Streets of Steampunk
    • 00:57 Urban Future 5 composites examples
  • 2nd Workshop Timeline (51 minutes):
    • 00:00 Introduction
    • 00:01 Slater on Stonemason history
    • 00:02 The Ministry asset
    • 00:04 Earlier 3DL assets - converting them to Iray capable sets
    • 00:05 What makes some 3DL sets easier to convert to Iray sets than others?
    • 00:06 Fain on the Sci-fi Bedroom set and identifying a 3DL set
    • 00:07 Fain demonstrating the 3DL/Iray conversion
    • 00:10 RSSI 3DL converter
    • 00:12 Tons of 3D assets inside a Stonemason asset
    • 00:13 The parabola in the Sci-fi Bedroom set
    • 00:14 Advantages of using parabolas/wraparounds in a set
    • 00:16 Using Emissives on the set
    • 00:19 Easter eggs in Stonemason’s sets.
    • 00:19 Stonemason sets used in productions
    • 00:22 Artists struggling with adding their work to amazing-looking sets.
    • 00:24 Fain showing the Green Room - little ecosystems in the set.
    • 00:24 Does Stonemason Kitbash with his own work?
    • 00:26 Rigging on the sets - what opens on the set?
    • 00:28 Detailing on the Green Room set
    • 00:31 Preset cameras on the set
    • 00:34 Planning and designing a set
    • 00:34 The Willow Creek set
    • 00:38 Preset cameras - advantages for vendors
    • 00:41 Utopia City Blocks - how to add lights to city block windows
    • 00:45 Urban Future 5 set
    • 00:46 Multi-level sets
    • 00:48 Accessory assets such as Stonemason rubble fits well in his Urban Future sets.

Install Types:

DazCentral, DIM, Manual Install