Visual Narratives Workshops

Visual Narratives Workshops

Build your story with Visual Narratives Workshops!

Telling a story with your artwork is a challenging yet fulfilling project. There are so many creative elements to consider, and Visual Narratives Workshops gives you everything you need to know.

This set of 4 videos shows a group of visual story-telling artists sharing their artwork and discussing their creative processes. They talk about their tips, challenges and successes in creating their renders. The artists include several professionals who create and publish graphic novels on a regular basis.

The discussions include subjects such as:

  • Writing for visual narratives
  • Render tips
  • Lighting
  • Scripting
  • Backstories
  • Character concepts
  • Composition
  • Workflows
  • Text and Speech bubbles
  • Cover artwork
  • Where to publish your Visual Narratives art

Digital Art Live hosts the Visual Narrative Workshop each month and provides an open forum for the discussion of storytelling projects using 3D digital art tools. Many of the artists use DAZ Studio to create their characters and scenes for their stories.

Get Visual Narratives Workshops and start creating your amazing story.

What's Included and Features

  • This Bundle Includes:
    • Visual Narratives Workshops (.MP4)
      • Four videos with total running time of 6 hours.
    • Artists sharing their work and tips include:
      • Tasos Anastasiades- Graphic Novel artist - DAZ Studio/Poser with overpainting
      • Drew Spence - Produces the graphic novel series "Force Six, The Annihilators" using DAZ Studio
      • Peter von Stackelberg - DAZ Studio producing his graphic novel "Morgana's World".
      • Rod Shelley - The Girls from TNA - DAZ Studio
      • Bee McKay - "Demon Division" graphic novel created with DAZ Studio
      • Bob Keck - Single frame visual narratives artwork created with VUE, Poser and DAZ Studio
      • Trevor Hancock - "End of Lockdown"
      • Linwelly - Online graphic novel created in DAZ Studio Taiduo,
      • Christine Cornell - Storytelling artwork created with Carrara / GIMP
      • Mike Mitchell - Poser line art
      • Slater Lewis - Faster rendering ideas for visual narrative artists

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.14

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install