Map Manager

Map Manager

Map manager is the complete tool to know and handle the image maps used in your scene. More than a simple script, it is a collection of several scripts covering different fields, carefully developed to help you to reach your goal as fast and efficiently as possible.

The product covers image map management, using dedicated interfaces identify the mapped properties and to copy maps from one surface to other surfaces, from any surface property (for instance Base Color, Bump Strength, Normal Map etc, etc) to the same or any another surface property. It also includes analysis tools, baking tools, and tools to store and restore the original map - and unmapped - state for any selection and exact surface properties you want.

Map Management Tools for Human Figures : Two scripts dedicated to human figures compatible with Generation 4 (Michael 4, Victoria 4) and of all Genesis generations (Genesis, Genesis 2, 3 and 8) allow you to see what are the mapped properties of the skin of the selected figures, and to either unmap them, or to copy the image maps used from any mapped property (Base Color, Bump Strength, Glossy Layered Weight, etc, etc) of a figure to any mappable property of the same or any another figure. The first script allows the map copy from a figure to another, and the second other script allows the map copy or removal only on the same figure but can process simultaneously several figures.

The fields of application of these scripts are wide. Do you want to use the Base Color maps of a figure as the translucency maps of another one? A single click in The Human Figure Map Transfer and this is done. Do you have a figure you love but which comes without the great details coming from the normal maps? Pick up the normal maps of another figure! Do you love everything in your figure except its gloss repartition? Pick up the Gloss maps of another figure! Do you need to use the Bump map as the Top Coat Bump of one or several figures in a scene? Just copy all of them in one single click! Do you want to turn your figures into strange alien creatures using the Normal Maps as its Base Color or Translucency Color Maps? Once again this can be done with a single click.

Map Management Tools for any surface: A dedicated script is included to work on any selected surfaces. You can the same way see what are the mapped properties of any surface, unmap the property you want, and copy the map for this property to any other mappable property of any same or other surface. You can preview the maps, and batch tools have been included as options in the interface so that if you want you can process all the selected surfaces simultaneously in a single click.

Map Analysis Tools: For any selection, you make, get a synthesis of what are the maps used and what are the mapped properties, figure by figure or map by map. Get the result directly in Daz Studio interface with a synthetic table displaying previews of images with the details of where they are used, or get the result in a CSV file which you can open in a table editor so that you can sort the columns you want to get the information you want.

Map Baking Tool: Find a one-click LIE baker to gain time when opening scenes, and to transfer more easily the resulting maps from one figure or prop to another figure or prop.

Map Store and restore Tools: don't be afraid to remove or copy maps, don't be afraid to test and innovate because you can store and restore the map state of any selection whenever you want! Even better, you can restore either everything or only the exact mapped properties that you want to restore.

Map manager is compatible with all shaders and render engines and a complete documentation is provided to get the best out of these tools.

What's Included and Features

  • Map Manager: (.DSE)
    • V3DMM 01 Use In Case Of Layered Images
    • V3DMM 02 Store Selection Texture Map State
    • V3DMM 03 Restore Selection Texture Map State
    • V3DMM 04 Any Surface Map Manager
    • V3DMM 05 Human Figures Self Map Manager
    • V3DMM 06 Human Figures Map Transfer
    • V3DMM 07 Create CSV File
    • V3DMM 08 Summary Of Texture Maps
  • Map Manager User Guide (.PDF)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male, Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 3 Male, Genesis 2 Female, Genesis 2 Male, Genesis, Victoria 4, Michael 4

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install