Multi-Layer Landscape System

Multi-Layer Landscape System

The Multi-Layer Landscape System is a modular, horizontal and vertical tiling landscape system based on the geometry-shaping capabilities of Displacement, which allows one layer to push through another via on-the-fly vertex morphing. With MLLS you can create a virtually unlimited range of landscape types - from desolate wastelands to lush mountain meadows - with complete control over where and to what degree each terrain element appears.

Unlike a standard pre-made terrain, MLLS is infinitely customizable through its independently scalable layers and ability to accept any PBR tiling textures as well as multiple alpha maps. Stack any number of layers per tile for incredibly complex terrains on which to build your scene, or use them as a scene in and of themselves!

MLLS comes with both a 4-layer preset, as well as a single layer tile for adding additional layered elements to a stack, which provides a starting point for building your terrain. Use as few or as many layers as you like, adding or subtracting as needed.

Each tile is 10 meters square and comes embedded with numerous morphs for creating rivers, creeks, hills and valleys, as well as roads, wagon ruts, and rain puddles. In addition, 22 tiling Iray PBR material shaders are provided for photorealistic landscape renders of everything from mud to grass to snow.

To create a complete terrain landscape, simply load and modify one layered stack to your liking, then duplicate and/or add more custom stacks and translate them horizontally in the desired direction in increments of 1000 DAZ units (10 meters), then change, add, or adjust the morphs to produce new, unique tile sections.

Each of the morphs are designed to meet up correctly along the edge of similar morphs (i.e. straight roads to curved roads and junctions, river sections to river bends, landscape hills and valleys to each other, etc.). Additionally, 7 different alpha maps provide a wide variety of patterns to transition from one terrain into the next, allowing mountain outcrops to rise up from the grassy plains, dirt and rocks to stick out from a riverbank, or snow to coat those distant rocky ridges.

The included 34-page user guide provides detailed step-by-step instructions for creating several example landscape terrains using only the tiling textures that come with the base MLLS set.

So get the Multi-Layer Landscape System and start creating your own worlds today!

What's Included and Features

  • Multi-Layer Landscape System (.DUF)
  • Props:
    • MLLS 10 Meter Grid 1-Layer
    • MLLS 10-Meter Grid 4-Layer Stack
  • Morphs:
    • Landscape Hill-Valley 01
    • Landscape Hill-Valley 02
    • Landscape Hill-Valley 03
    • Landscape Hill-Valley 04
    • Landscape Hill-Valley 05
    • Landscape Hill-Valley 06
    • Landscape Hill-Valley Corner
    • Landscape Hill-Valley Slope
    • Rain Puddle Large
    • Rain Puddles Small
    • Rain Puddles Medium
    • River Narrow Corner
    • River Narrow Straight
    • River Wide Corner
    • River Wide Straight
    • River Winding Creek Corner
    • River Winding Creek Straight
    • Road Corner Left
    • Road Corner Right
    • Road Crossing
    • Road Straight E-W
    • Road Straight N-S
    • Road Junction E-W
    • Road Junction N-S
    • Wagon Crossing
    • Wagon Ruts Corner Left
    • Wagon Ruts Corner Right
    • Wagon Ruts E-W
    • Wagon Ruts N-S
    • Wagon Ruts T E-W
    • Wagon Ruts T N-S
  • Materials:
    • Alternating Stone Paving
    • Colored Cobblestone
    • Dark Cobblestone
    • Mossy Flagstone
    • Old Stone Paving
    • Slate Flagstone
    • 05 MLLS Alpha Noise Maps
    • 07 MLLS Alpha Transitions
    • Brown Soil
    • Granite Gravel
    • River Pebbles
    • River Rocks
    • Rocky Dirt
    • Sandy Soil
    • Green Grass
    • Leaf Scatter
    • Mossy Lawn
    • Rocky Moss
    • Weedy Mess
    • Water Clear
    • Water Muddy
    • Water Murky
    • Water Rippled
    • Wind-Blown Snow
    • Displacement OFF
    • Displacement ON
  • DAZ Studio Scripts:
    • MLLS User Guide
  • PDF files:
    • Multi-Layered Landscape System - User Guide
  • Textures Include:
    • 111 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Normal, Roughness, and Transparency Maps (1024 x 1024 to 4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install