Book Whimsey Kit For Vue

Book Whimsey Kit For Vue

A collection of six whimsical, fantasical books for Vue Versions 8 and later.

* Book 1 Fly-Out Letters - A flat book lying on its back that seems in the process of opening. Alphabetical letters are flying out from the pages.

The letters are individual objects that can be moved, re-scaled or rotated or given any material or color. They can be duplicated to allow any message to be spelled out. 72 upper and lower case English alphabet letters are available.

* Book 2 Magic - A book laid on its back that is partly open with gold tendrils, colored spheres and diamond-shaped objects lifting into the air out of its pages.

This a book used for dark atmospheres and night scenes where the spheres and diamonds can be illuminated so that magical forces appear to be coming out of the opening book.

* Book 3 Stream - A flat, laid-open book with a boulder-strewn stream scene on one of its pages. There is an old maple tree, a small bench made from an old log and a high resolution fairly lantern with etched glass plates on the bench. A kite with tail flies in the air.

This is a scene made for eco-painting. You can paint the pages with flowers, grass or shrubs, rocks, boulders and trees. Use any design of your choosing.

* Book 4 Pond And Benches - A flat, laid-open book with a pond, and wooden pier, two benches and a street lamp.

This also is a scene made for eco-painting. Additionally, you can change the materials on the page to look like snow-covered mounds and a frozen pond for ice-skating. Or make the scene look like a summer night with grass, bushes and turn on the point light placed in the street lamp. You can do almost anything with this book scene.

* Book 5 Meadow Steps - An open book with an entrance to a mountain and meadow scene. The front of the book as a green terrain, an old twisted maple tree with a lantern hanging in its branches. A series of old wooden steps descends from the open page of the book. A point light is pre-placed into the lantern. You can eco-paint the terrain if you wish. You can place small figures of people in the opening of the book. (The book depth is large enough to support small figures of people or animals.)

* Book 6 Sailing Ships - An open book with a scene of sailing ships, cliff-lined coast and spilling waterfall in its scene. The front of the book has a terrain lifting to meet the cliffs pictured in the book, and water spilling from the waterfall out of the book onto the terrain.

You can eco-paint the terrain of this book, and give the water flowing out of the book any calm or turbulent material of any desired color.

Any of the individual books, or any of the small objects on the books (including the trees) can be saved out to use in any other scenes of your choosing.

(This scene was made with Vue 15 Infinite. Vue Version 8 or later is required for this product.)

Software: Vue 8

Props for Poser and Daz Studio