Cook's Cape Cod Catboat For Vue

Cook's Cape Cod Catboat For Vue

The Cape Cod Catboat is popular for sailboat racing, day-sailing and crusing in the northeastern area of the United States and Canada.

The traditional wooden design was developed at the beginning of the 20th Century, derived from the small boats carried by 18th Century merchant ships. A catboat has an extremely shallow draft - some can sail in as little as 12-inches of water. It also has a very wide beam (equal to half the waterline length) which makes it one of the most stable of small sailboats, in addition to being very roomy.

This gaff-rigged version has a four-cornered sail that is controlled by a upper spar (pole) for its entire length. The gaff rig carries 25 percent more sail than an equivalent triangular rig for a given hull design. This is a very strong, but stable sailboat, able to handle the open ocean with ease.

This package contains two versions - one with the sail set to port (left side of the boat) and the other with sail set to starboard (right side of the boat). The two versions make it easy for you to pose one however you desire, and having both allows you to populate a full sailboat racing scene.

Software: Vue 9

Props for Poser and Daz Studio