Cyborg Drone

Cyborg Drone

The cyborg drone is a stand alone unique figure for Daz Studio.
Various morphs and pose controls facilitate quick and easy handling.
With the additional add ons you can use this drone invidually for your action/sf scenes.
As a bonus, I split the Cyborg Drone into "Body Probs" for use with the Genesis 8
Female figure. With the additional 10 "Hide Options" this package results in a very
large individual handling, and leaves nothing to be desired.

Works with DAZ3D IRAY min. 4.9 or greater

1 Cyborg Drone stand alone unique figure.

5 Add On
-CD Plasma
-CD Wheel
-CD Wings
-Laser Beam Left Weapon
-Laser Beam Right Weapon

5 Body Probs G8 Female (Bonus)
-CD Cyborg Drone Body
-CD G8 Wings
-CD Head
-CD Nozzle Mount
-CD Plasma Nozzle

Material Iray (only)
5 Hide Options (G8 Cyborg Drone Body)
-Hide Hands and Arms
-Hide Shoulder Protection
-Hide The Bodylight
-Hide The Gun or Laser
-Hide The Control Wings
5 Hide Options (G8 Cyborg Head)
-Hide The Brain Cabling
-Hide The Cameras
-Hide The Eye Mask
-Hide The Head Reinforcement
-Hide The Stabilzation Control

Iray Material CD Plasma
8 Material Options
-CD Plasma Blue1
-CD Plasma Blue2
-CD Plasma Green1
-CD Plasma Green2
-CD Plasma Red1
-CD Plasma Red2
-CD Plasma White1
-CD Plasma White2

Iray Material CD Wheel
5 Material Options
-CD Wheel Black and White
-CD Wheel Black
-CD Wheel Dark
-CD Wheel Gray
-CD Wheel White

Iray Material CD Wings
5 Material Options
-CD Wings Black and White
-CD Wings Black
-CD Wings Dark
-CD Wings Gray
-CD Wings White

Iray Material Cyborg Drone
5 Material Options
-CD Cyborg Drone Black and White
-CD Cyborg Drone Black
-CD Cyborg Drone Dark
-CD Cyborg Drone Gray
-CD Cyborg Drone White

Iray Material G8 Female (Body Probs)
20 Material Options
-CD Nozzle Mount Black and White
-CD Nozzle Mount Black
-CD Nozzle Mount Dark
-CD Nozzle Mount Gray
-CD Nozzle Mount White
-CD Wings Black and White
-CD Wings Black
-CD Wings Dark
-CD Wings Gray
-CD Wings White
-Cyborg Drone Body Black and White
-Cyborg Drone Body Black
-Cyborg Drone Body Dark
-Cyborg Drone Body Gray
-Cyborg Drone Body White
-Cyborg Head Black and White
-Cyborg Head Black
-Cyborg Head Dark
-Cyborg Head Gray
-Cyborg Head White

Iray Material Light (Cameras in the Eye Mask)
6 Material Options
-Camera Lens
-Camera Ring1
-Camera Ring2
-Camera Ring3
-Camera Ring4
-Camera Ring5

-Wheel to Ground

Cyborg Drone Movements:
-Gun to Laser
-No Gun

Cyborg Drone Pose Controls:
-Arms forward
-Arms high
-Left Hand open/close
-Nozzle Holder rotate
-Right Hand open/close
-Wing high

Plasma Add On Movement
-Reducing Plasma

Wings Add On Movements
-No Plasma
-Reducing Plasma
-Rotate 1

Laser Beam left/right Movements
-Gun to Laser
-Laser Beam left 90 degree
-Narrow scanning
-Top Middle Bottom

Cyborg Drone Body (G8 Female) Movements
-Chest backside
-Chest front side
-Gun to Laser
-No Gun

Cyborg Drone Body (G8 Female)Pose Controls
-Arms high
-Left Hand open/close
-Right Hand open/close
-Right and Left Wing high

G8 Wings Movements
-No Plasma
-Reducing Plasma
-Rotate 1

Cyborg Head (G8 Female) Movements (Supported Shapes)
-Aiko 8
-Charlotte 8
-Female Future Borg
-Mei Lin 8
-Monique 8
-P3D Mirai
-Stephanie 8
-Teen Josie 8
-Victoria 8

Nozzle Mount (G8 Female) Movements
-Scale Nozzle Mount
-ZTranslate Nozzle Mount

Plasma (G8 Female) Add On Movement
-Reducing Plasma

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Props for Poser and Daz Studio