Making Ice Cream In The Year 1900 - FBX

Making Ice Cream In The Year 1900 - FBX

This is a set of twenty five, high resolution items that could have been found in an old "Turn-Of-The_Century" kitchen.

The outstanding item in the set is an accurate reproduction of the hybrid gas/wood burning Liberty stove in white enamel that was introduced to the world in 18989. We still had this stove in my house when I was a small child. The model is as accurate and old photos and my memory allow. (I hated learning to make cookies on the old wood burner - they always came out half raw and half burnt!) This version of the stove is deliberately made a little worn and dirty. There is a little grime around the main oven doors, on the porcelain gas control handles, and in the form of burnt on grease on the stovetop grills. (See close-up images.)

A loaf of crusty bread lies in the top warming oven: this is an independent item and can be moved to other locations or saved out for use in other scenes. If you are familiar with Substance Designer archive files, I've included *.sbsars to let you generate new materials to change the color of the stove enamel, and adjust the amount of wear, grime, dirt and grease on portions of the stove. (In fact, full suites of PBR files are included for every item in the set.)

Other items include an old ice cream mixer, a milk pail, old-fashioned glass milk bottles (empty, full and some in a wooden carrying crate in use at the time), brown eggs in an old wire basket, and of course, the old table and chair (scaled for Daz and Poser people).

For making ice cream, there is a worn wooden box of recipes, including one recipe card lying on the table, a mixing bowl, a cutting board with two lemons and an old kitchen knife, some sugar in a square wooden bowl with a wooden scoop, and other wooden spoons and scoop on the table in an a jar that matches the mixing bowl. Finally, there is an old banged up cooking pot on the stove. All the above items are independent objects: they can be positioned as desire, or saved out and use in other scenes.

This set of items is available in *.fbx and in *.obj file formats. DAZ users should purchase this version - the *fbx files are accurately sized for a DAZ scene, and they come with most of the material files attached properly to each object.
The included full suite of PBR materials for each item will allow you to build fully developed shaders in your application - including for the transparent and translucent objects if desired.

These promotional pictures were rendered with the stand-alone Maverick Render using the full suite of PBR texture files for each item.

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