USS Winnebago River Monitor

USS Winnebago River Monitor

In the early 1860s James B. Eads received a contract to build four light-draft monitors to operate on the Mississippi River. The chosen design had two turrets, each housing two 11-inch Dahlgren smooth-bore guns. The fore turret of three of the monitors used Eads' patented steam-powered design, with the standard Ericsson design for the aft turret. The Eads turret guns were lowered below deck level for loading and the steam power permitted a much smaller gun crew.

This fully-rigged Poser figure is based on period plans and photographs of these Milwaukee class vessels. It incorporates an operating Eads fore turret designed from Eads own patent drawings and an operating aft Ericsson turret based on drawings of other Ericsson-designed monitors. The model is configured to represent any of the three monitors with the Eads turret: Kickapoo, Milwaukee, and Winnebago. An optional Ericsson turret prop and Chickasaw configuration pose is included to represent the Chickasaw.

The model provides full ERC control at the Body level coordinated so that linked parts of the figure operate together:
o Rudders and helm
o Eads patented turret and cannon operation
o Ericsson turret operation
o Wind controls affect three flags and smoke

Other controls:
o Turrets rotate
o Hatches open

o Various Hide/Show poses to change monitor appearance and configuration and to show operation of the Eads patent mechanisms
o 21 M4 & V4 crew poses

o Billboard smoke

o Full set to facilitate viewing the entire model
o 33 different Dolly cameras for close-up and interior views

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Software: Poser 6+, Daz Studio 4+

Props for Poser and Daz Studio