The Red Beak

The Red Beak

The sun was just starting to peek through the clouds as the steampunk rooster strutted through the bustling streets of his old town. He had been orphaned by his previous owner, a kind inventor who had passed away and left him with nothing but his mechanical parts and a broken heart.

Feeling lost and alone, the rooster set out to find a new place to call home. He traveled far and wide, through cities and towns, until he stumbled upon a quaint suburbia town. The rooster was immediately taken aback by the neat and organized rows of houses, each with its own perfectly manicured lawn and white picket fence.

As he made his way through the streets, the rooster couldn't help but feel out of place. His metallic feathers and whirring gears seemed to draw unwanted attention from the local residents. They pointed and whispered, making him feel like an outcast. But the rooster didn't let their stares and judgements get to him, he knew he was different but he was determined to find a place where he belonged.

One day, while strolling through the town square, the rooster laid eyes on the most beautiful hen he had ever seen. She had sleek brown feathers and bright yellow eyes that sparkled in the sunlight. The rooster was smitten and knew he had to meet her.

He mustered up all his courage and approached the hen. To his surprise, she didn't seem bothered by his appearance. In fact, she was fascinated by his steampunk features and asked him all sorts of questions about his mechanical parts. The two talked for hours, completely oblivious to the stares and whispers of the other chickens around them.

As their friendship grew, so did their love for each other. They spent every day together, exploring the town and dreaming of a future together. But their happiness was short-lived, as the other roosters in town couldn't stand the thought of a steampunk rooster stealing their leading hen.

They hatched a plan to run the rooster out of town. They spread rumors and lies about him, making the other chickens turn against him. The rooster's heart broke as he realized he was not welcome in this town either.

With heavy hearts, the rooster and his love said their goodbyes and he set out on the road once again. As he walked away, he couldn't help but feel a sense of longing for the place he had briefly called home. But he also knew that his love for the leading hen was stronger than any town or community.

As the rooster continued his journey, he realized that sometimes being different meant facing challenges and rejection, but it also meant finding love and acceptance in unexpected places. And as he spread his mechanical wings and flew towards a new horizon, he knew that he would always carry the memories and lessons learned from his time in the suburbia town with him forever.

A steampunk rooster for your renders. Includes a hat, a plague mask, a key, a clock and leg spikes.

Software: Poser Pro 11, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, Poser 12, Poser 13

Animals for Daz Studio and Poser