Star Wars Series: Anakin Complete Pack and Bonus

Star Wars Series: Anakin Complete Pack and Bonus


Anakin HD for Genesis 8.1 Male is a product that contains the character from the Star Wars saga before transforming into the malevolent Darth Vader in which we include everything you need to be a Jedi or a General of the First Republic.

In addition, he could not miss his astomechanical droid R2 and the series of these incredible robots.

We have created this Pack so that those who want to save money and have all these products in their DAZ 3D Studio library can do so with a saving of 35% for this pack than if they were buying each of these products separately.

It is not a Bundle since we think it so that it owns a single product but the price would make that many of our clients could not buy or simply that some only ate specific parts of them.

And as a Bonus we give you 20 background images with a sci-fi and Star Wars theme, which we sometimes use for our renderings of short shots.

We thank you in advance for your interest in our products.

Don't think twice, buy it now!

What is included in this Pack:

- 95014 Anakin Skywalker HD for Genesis 8.1 Male(s).
- 95015 Anakin Skywalker Hair HD for Genesis 8.1 Male (s).
- 95019 dForce Anakin Outfit General for Genesis 8.1 Male (s).
- 95020 Star Wars Series dForce Anakin Outfit Jedi for Genesis 8.1
Male (s).
- 95017 Star Wars Series R2D2 Astromechs for DAZ3D Studio.
- 95018 Star Wars Series R2 Units for DAZ3D Studio.

Bonus: 20 Backgrounds free.

- 95024 sci-fi Backgrounds 11 - 2D Images (.jpg)
- 95025 Star Wars Backgrounds 9 - 2D Images (.jpg)

Compatible Figures:

- Genesis 8 Male(s).
- Genesis 8.1 Male(s).


Star Wars Series/sci-fi.


DAZ Install Manager:

- Unzip the zip file to a temporarily folder
- Copy the 'data, People and Runtime' folders in the unzipped folder and paste them into your DAZ 3D Library folder.

(e.g. C:\Users/Public/Documents/My DAZ 3D Library).

Compatible figures: 
Star Wars Series: Anakin Complete Pack and Bonus | 3D Models for Daz Studio and Poser