Pitts Special Stuntplane

Pitts Special Stuntplane

is a 'Next Generation' product for Poser 9+, working in FIREFLY as well as in SUPERFLY. It contains complete sets of PBR textures (metal/roughness workflow).

The model is highly detailed and textured in extreme quality, to allow for real CLOSE renders. Saying 'close', what we mean is not 10 or 5 meters, but instead ONE meter... Placing your actors on or very close to our plane or also inside the cockpit as a pilot will always look great from any perspective.

The model comes with HQ 'Next Generation' hybrid materials, which work in any Poser 9+ version, in both FIREFLY and SUPERFLY. The PBR-EMULATOR for Poser Firefly (separate product, please visit our store at RENDEROSITY) was used to create materials which work in Poser 9+.

For a detailed description of the contained functionallity and accessories please open the 'Editorial Tab' here above.


The PITTS SPECIAL STUNTPLANE is a product for Poser 9 (tested) and higher, including Poser 11 (tested). The product itself will work also in Poser 6+, but our 'Next Generation Hybrid Textures' will only work in Poser 9+, including Poser 11, using either FIREFLY or SUPERFLY (PBR).

The PITTS SPECIAL STUNT PLANE should also work in DAZ Studio, but was neither developped nor tested with this platform. Materials will need individual adjustment in DAZ Studio. However, complete PBR texture sets (for a metal/roughness workflow, Normal maps in DirectX as well as in OpenGL format included) are supplied, so it should be possible to use the materials also in DAZ-Studio (iRay), Reality 4 (Lux-Render), Blender and similar render engines. It is a known issue that DAZ Studio mirrors some ERC control orientations. In example the flightstick movements can result in moving some aileron flaps in wrong directions. An experienced DAZ Studio user may be able to fix this transfer bug without problems. However we need to limit our responsibility to Poser and unfortunately cannot support DAZ Studio transfer problems.

Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 +

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