ARABESQUE Brushes and png Files Pack

ARABESQUE Brushes and png Files Pack

--Definition for ar·a·besque: [ar-uh-besk]: Noun: a sinuous, spiraling, undulating, or serpentine line or linear motif.
Any ornament or ornamental object, pattern or mosaic, in which swirly flowing lines, flowers, foliage, fruits, vases,
animals, and figures are represented in a fancifully combined swirled or geometric pattern. Adj: Decorated with or characterized by arabesques.

-- The arabesque is a pattern well known to the modern blacksmith who fabricates ornamental wrought-iron work gates and balustrades using the form. It has formed the basis of many wall-paper designs. Certain of the more fantastical paintings of Van Gogh show clouds and backgrounds in arabesque shapes.

--This is a designer resource pack of 50 Photoshop brushes (for CS & Above) along with the corresponding png files. This pack was created to save you both time and extra work, while also helping you create hundreds of lovely Arabesque ornaments, tiles, borders, jewels, etc! If you do a Google search for "Arabesque images" you will see many intricate swirly and geometric ornaments like the ones I used to create these unique brushes and png files.

--You will receive 50 brushes for Photoshop CS & Above and also the exact images in 300dpi png file format. These brushes can be used hundreds of different ways! The .png files are included for those of you who do not have Photoshop and can be used in just about any application. Created at 300dpi, they will work perfectly for either the web or print design. You can even change the size and create your own brushes in other editing applications, if you prefer.

--Of course, you can also style them with layer styles; use other plug-in filters on them; emboss or engrave them or even fill them with solid colors or prints. Create beautiful embellishments, wallpapers, backgrounds, scrap booking papers, fill picture frames, clothing, household items, etc. Use them over and over again, for many years to come!

Product Contents:
*50 original ARABESQUE Photoshop brushes with the corresponding png files in various sizes. 300dpi; png file format.

--Click on the thumbnails below to view the product pages and get inspired by some of the images you can create. Please remember that all examples are reduced in size. Since these were created at a high resolution, it's easy to re-size. Just use your 'unsharp mask' tool for a crisper image.

Product requirements

Any program that edits .png files; Photoshop CS & Above for the .abr file
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