Iray Rocky Ground Shaders

Iray Rocky Ground Shaders

Iray Rocky Ground shaders is a set of 12 shaders consisting of rocky ground images crafted from real photographs. The images used to create each shader measure 1000x1000 px. Each shader consists of a texture map, bump map and normal map.

This set of shaders has 12 full shaders and tons of partials to adjust the tiling, bump amount and normal amount.

The rendered results of any of the ground shaders will vary depending on the items in your scene, lighting set-up, environment maps used in the render settings, and so on. One shader can have 1000s of results depending on what you do with your scene.

How to use:

You must select the item within the preview pane that you wish to apply the shader to, then go into the surfaces tab and select the material zone you wish to apply the shader to, once the item is selected in both places you can then go into your content and find my shader presets and select the one you wish to apply.
Please note because of the uniqueness of the shaders you won't see the desired result until fully rendered.
No props, lights, characters, hair, render settings, environment maps, and etc is included in this shader pack.
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System Requirements:

Daz Studio 4.8 Iray or higher

Software: Daz Studio 4

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