Bridgette Hair G2

Bridgette Hair G2

Curls spill forth from this elegant, yet playful, hairstyle. Effortless beauty of an era long gone, a classic beauty for a more elegant occasion, or your favorite fae flitting through the woods Bridgette spans the gap with her ringlettes and cameo hair clip. Give your Poser and Daz Renders an added bit of class with this new high realism hair for Victoria 4, from the combined talents of RDNA Pro!

Bridgette Hair for V4:

HAIR: The hair contains a variety of manually operated morphs. Please dial to taste.

AUTO CONFORM: This hair is set up to 'auto-morph' to Victoria 4 when the supported morphs are used. Please be aware of the auto-morph as you load the hair. It is necessary to reselect a body part on Victoria (preferably hip) before loading. Failure to reselect Victoria before loading may result in the morphs that do not auto conforming and worse being unresponsive to their own dials. If this happens, simply delete the hair from the scene, reselect a Victoria body part and reload the hair.

FIT MORPHS: This product comes with several 'FIT' morphs. These are intended to loosen the fit to accommodate 3rd Party Characters.

GHOST JOINTS: The Hair has 'ghost joints' available in the rigging that allow for extra motion without the limitations of morphs. To access these in poser, simply select the Hair and then look at the body part drop downs. You will see 'rSide' or 'front' or 'back'. Simply use the rotation dials on these joints to adjust the movement of the outfit to your tastes.

FORELOCK MOTION: The joints in the forelock will move the side sweeps of hair in order to appear more natural for head tilts. This is intentional.

TEXTURES AND MATERIALS: 16 high resolution sets of textures for the Bridgette Hair with accompanying materials for both Poser (pz2 & mc6) and DS (DUF). Poser and DS versions of the materials have been optimized for their specific software application and may have slightly different end results due to different shader setups.

Poser Version: only with DSON
Daz Studio: DS Product
Zip Files 2
Requires: DAZ G2 Female
Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio