Custom Full Fantasy Bodies1 G3F

Custom Full Fantasy Bodies1 G3F

Fantasy Custom Bodies 1 G3F

† There aren't any character textures included in this pack. All content is new. †

Faetia is the adorable yet sexy, slim Fae/Elf, Angel/Princess,Pinup or whatever you like.
Sheena is the strong, totally hot Warrior/Soldier. You can bet she'll keep those troops in line, especially the guys!
Venus is the Woman of 3017. She's ready for anything you have going. Bring it on!

These bodies include the head as 1 body. They are injected together. There aren't any head injections.
They are totally custom so no extra G3F morphs are required.
They are for the default G3F Body. Injecting them into another character figure may be done but it will give you different results.(see promotional images)
All DAZ, Natural, etc morph dials may be used to alter these bodies giving you the possibility to make more personalized bodies/heads.

All Helpers and Extras such as ears and breasts can be used on all G3 Female Characters.
For Genesis 3 Female.

• One click Custom Body shapes + extras for G3F


3 Custom Full Bodies:


• FB Sheena Inj + Rem

• FB Faetia Inj + Rem
Faetia Ears Inj + Rem

• FB Venus Inj + Rem
Venus Breast 1 + 2 Injs - Rems

*FB Helpers:

• FB Cleavage Inj + Rem
• FB Nipples Reduce 4 Clothing Inj + Rem
• FB Genitals Up - Down Inj + Rem
• FB Genitals to Right Inj + Rem
• FB Genitals to Left Inj + Rem


Character Presets:

For easy access I have included character presets for each full body. These are of course without textures.

• FB Sheena
• FB Faetia
• FB Venus


Venus: At Default has breasts 2 injected. You can change breasts by Rem /Inj Breast 1 or 2.

Faetia: At Default has her own elf ears. You can change her ears with Rem/Inj.
Faetia's non elf ears are also custom.

*Helpers: At Default these are all zeroed.
You must use the dials to adjust as you want.
Inj/Rem are the same.
Dial +/-. To return to default click the same shape preset.

A selection of Clothes, shoes and hair have been tested on all bodies and they fit fine.
The Reduce nipples morph is for avoiding eventual nipple poke-thru under clothes.
Please see ReadMe for details.
Genesis 3 Female included free in DAZ Studio 4.9
This package has been tested in DAZ studio 4.9
Please see Read me for details to get the most out of this product.

Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.9 - IRAY

No touch-ups.

The complete content is not shown in the promotional images above.
Helpers have been used in a selection of images.

† Character textures, Figures, hair and body poses are not included.†

Thank you for your interest in my products.

Software: Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female

Requirements:  DAZ's Genesis 3 Females

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio