Artbreeder for Visual Storytelling

Artbreeder for Visual Storytelling

Artbreeder is a new kind of image-making and discovery tool that is online and collaborative. Images are ‘bred’ together and users can easily explore and quickly iterate new generations of artwork.

Artbreeder is free and allows you to create art in categories such as portraits, landscapes, album covers, and full-bodied characters.

Art can be generated randomly from the existing image database, or reference images can be uploaded and blended to make completely unique faces, characters, and landscapes.

So far, over 50 million images have been made this way!

This tutorial workshop explores the use of Artbreeder for rapidly creating elements, such as characters and locations for visual storytelling.

Britta Jacobs shows how she has used Artbreeder to create “storybuds” — short stories emerging from one or a few images generated with Artbreeder.

This community workshop discovers how Artbreeder is used for storytelling. The video tutorial includes:

  • Artbreeder work from community members
  • How Artbreeder was used for creating story elements
  • Best practice or tips for using Artbreeder
  • How Artbreeder is used in part of a larger workflow (e.g. using Facegen and Daz Studio)

Sample from the workshop

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What's Included and Features

  • Artbreeder for Visual Storytelling
    • Video Running Time : 1 hour 42 minutes (.MP4)
    • Searchable video where you can search on any keyword or phrase spoken during the presentation
  • 00:00 Introduction and about Artbreeder
  • 00:02 Two characters created for a story : antagonist and protagonist
  • 00:07 Britta Jacobs
  • 00:08 Using a full bodied character and recommended clean up point
  • 00:09 Older characters and “family trees”
  • 00:10 About genes in Artbreeder
  • 00:13 Gender slider and how it affects hair
  • 00:15 Painterly vs Realism portraits
  • 00:19 Sci-bio category art in Artbreeder
  • 00:22 Artefacts in Artbreeder and how to deal with them
  • 00:25 Album art
  • 00:30 Britta’s landscape creations with postwork
  • 00:33 How to get past the murky, dark landscapes in Artbreeder
  • 00:37 Michelle Pessoa
  • 00:38 Floating islands in landscapes
  • 00:40 Crossbreeding
  • 00:41 Using crossbreeding to generate related characters
  • 00:44 Britta Jacobs on “story buds” - creating story kernels with Artbreeder
  • 00:48 Sharpening landscapes
  • 00:52 Peter von Stackelberg
  • 00:53 “Out of Darkness” a complete story generated with Artbreeder
  • 00:55 A story arc that ties together Artbreeder images
  • 00:58 Content vs Style sliders when crossbreeding images
  • 01:03 Taking a DAZ character portrait render and altering it with the style slider
  • 01:06 A word on EbSynth bringing DAZ figures to life in animation
  • 01:10 Paula Prather
  • 01:13 Her story of progression in using Artbreeder portraits to create DAZ Studio characters using Facegen
  • 01:17 Leyla Munteanu
  • 01:19 Talking about using Facegen for face transfer from Artbreeder to Facegen
  • 01:23 Cityscapes
  • 01:24 Lara Bee
  • 01:25 Underwater images
  • 01:26 Floating city
  • 01:28 Characters created for graphic novel
  • 01:30 Special effect images
  • 01:33 Karen Williams huge Artbreeder catalogue
  • 01:33 Rights and restrictions in Artbreeder?
  • 01:35 Hairless characters
  • 01:38 Postworking landscape images
  • 01:40 Atmospheric landscapes
  • 01:42 The “General” art category in Artbreeder - use a wider variety of genes

Install Types:

DazCentral, DIM, Manual Install