EJ Easy Body Generator For Genesis 8 Male(s)

EJ Easy Body Generator For Genesis 8 Male(s)

EJ Easy Body Generator For Genesis 8 Male(s) is an easy to use program that works with you to create body features from scratch. The computer creates shapes, but you keep the control on how the Generator does it. You can work on areas (arms, chest, legs...) or in the full body at once.

You can use it to create complete bodies from scratch, or to change a feature of an existing character (it works on all figures and characters based on Genesis 8 Male), or to get inspired and use the result as a base for a character.

HOW IT WORKS: The computer uses some values to think a new shape for the parts of the body. You can set these values, so you control how the computer will do its job. This allows you to tell it which kind of bodies you want to generate. The results, because of this, are more precise and under your control.

The application has default settings that create natural and detailed bodies, but you can create more extreme bodies if you like. It also includes a Body Boost option to add extra stronger features to the body you make, which can be set off independently and keep the body as it was before the Body Boost.

If you want to only generate a kind of body (slender, muscular, or heavy), you can also tell the Generator the ones you don't like so it will ignore them.

If while tweaking the dials you notice you have made bad settings, you can go back to the default settings using the reset button in each tab.

TWO WAYS OF CREATING BODIES: ICONS AND THE CUSTOM GENERATOR: You can create a body using the library icons (to apply and remove features) or by using the Custom Generator, that uses 4 parameters for each body part:

- General Shape Strength: sets how noticeable are the body features that the Generator will add to the body. They can be set subtle or intense.

General Shape Simplicity: set the quantity of changes that the Generator will add, so the final result is more or less complex

Detail Strength: the Generator also makes changes that affect only a small portion of the selected area or add little details. This slider sets how much intense they will be.
- Detail Simplicity: sets if the Generator will apply just some small details in the area selected, or if ir will add a big amount of small changes.

You can set these values using the dials, or let the computer decide for you using the Random buttons besides them. When you click the buttons, the Generator will use the values of these sliders to generate a part of the body or the whole body.

ICONS TO MODIFY THE BODY: You have two folders, Partial Body and Full Body. In the Full Body there are icons to generate average bodies, heavy bodies, strong bodies, or thin bodies. You can also remove the Body Boost they use or to remove the full body shape. In the Partial Body folder you have icons to change the arms, back, chest, glutes, legs, lower body, neck or thorax parts independently, or remove the shape from any of them.

PARTIAL AND FULL RESET OF THE BODY: It is also possible to remove all the changes made to a part of the body without having to reset the other parts, so you don't lose your work and only remove the part that you don't like.

TUTORIAL: This product also includes a pdf tutorial that is launched with an icon in the library, or with a menu option. A Install icon is also included, which creates a menu containing the Custom Generator and the PDF tutorial.

MERCHANT RESOURCE: In addition of being used by any render artist, the shape generated by this application can be used to make the body of characters for sale. It can't be used to make free characters. You can use that shape as a custom morph, or save it as a shapping preset and reference this application as a requirement. You can't repack any part of this product in any way, totally or partially, or claim it as your own. You can use the generated body for your commercial characters, but you can't use any of the files contained in the product in yours.

What's Included and Features

  • EJ Easy Body Generator For Genesis 8 Male(s) (.DSE)
    • Custom Shape Builder icon that runs the customizable Body Generator
    • PDF tutorial
    • Icon to load PDF tutorial on how to use the Generator
    • Install icon that creates a menu in Daz Studio for the Body Generator and the tutorial
    • Full Body Icons:
      • Generate Average Body
      • Generate Heavy Body
      • Generate Strong Body
      • Generate Thin Body
      • Remove Body Boost
      • Remove Full Body Shape
    • Partial Body Icons:
      • Change Arms Shape
      • Remove Arms Shape
      • Change Back Shape
      • Remove Back Shape
      • Change Chest Shape
      • Remove Chest Shape
      • Change Glutes Shape
      • Remove Glutes Shape
      • Change Legs Shape
      • Remove Legs Shape
      • Change Lower Body Shape
      • Remove Lower Body Shape
      • Change Neck Shape
      • Remove Neck Shape
      • Change Thorax Shape
      • Remove Thorax Shape
    • Custom Generator features:
      • 8 Tabs to select wich part of the body will be modified
      • Independent parameters for each part of the body
      • Slider to control the strength of the shapes applied to the selected part
      • Slider to control the strength of small details of the selected part
      • Slider to control the simplicity or complexity of the overall shape
      • Slider to control the quantity of the details added
      • Morph Only This Part Button: will modify only the selected part of the body
      • Create Full Body Button: morph the whole body at once using the parameters
      • Button to remove the changes in all the body at once
      • Button to remove the changes in the selected part of the body
      • Reset button to set default values for all the sliders of the selected part
      • Visual and text hint to tell you which tab are you using
      • You can use the Morph Only This Part or Create Full body and see the changes applied in Genesis 8 Male without closing the program window
      • Undo support
      • Body Boost options to apply stronger features
      • Remove Boost button to independently remove the Body Boost
      • Boxes to select which kind of bodies will the Generator tend to avoid: slender, heavy and strong
      • Boost strength and simplicity dials
      • Buttons to rotate Genesis 8, frame the view, and change to Perspective camera to see him from any angle

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Male

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.11

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: