Mesh Grabber (Mac)

Mesh Grabber (Mac)

The Mesh Grabber plugin allows you to manipulate any object geometry from within Daz Studio without having to resort to external modeling software, revamped for Mac OS with Mesh Grabber (Mac).

It provides a new tool in your "Tools" menu which allows you to select and then grab geometry directly in your viewport.

It is much easier to use and control than the D-Formers built into Daz Studio. It has been designed to work like Blender's "Grab" tool. But do not worry if you don't know Blender, the tool is very easy to use.

Your geometry changes are automatically saved with your scene files.

The possibilities for this are endless (see the promo pictures and the video for details):

  • You can now quickly fix clothing poke-through without having to search for a morph that might fix it.
  • You can change any detail in your favorite characters. Give them bigger noses! Make elf ears!
  • You can change any detail in your favorite environment that you would like changed.
  • You can create your own terrain from a plane primitive!

Mesh Grabber was originally released for Windows in December 2019. This is the Mac version, which is functionally identical to the Windows version.

What's Included and Features

  • Mesh Grabber
    • New "Mesh Grabber" tool in the "Tools" menu
    • Automatically adds a geometry modifier during use
    • Simply select and drag geometry:
      • Swipe selection
      • Ctrl / Alt selection for adding to or removing from the selection
    • Polygon, edge and vertex selection modes
    • Grow/shrink selection commands
    • "Gizmo gain" option for better control when dragging
    • Options for hiding the gizmo or falloff radius sphere and change gizmo size for better visibility
    • "Reset mesh grabber (clear all deltas)" emergency option
    • Six gizmo orientation modes (world, node, Normal, Z/cam, 45 degrees/cam, Clamped)
    • Falloff radius sphere for how geometry around radius is affected
    • Use Ctrl + mouse wheel to grow/shrink falloff radius
    • Undo with selections
    • "Reset Mesh Grabber" menu item/button for removing all deltas from object (with Undo)
    • "Advanced settings" dialog for changing Ctrl/Alt/Shift modifiers
    • Seven falloff types:
      • Smooth curve
      • Sphere
      • Inverse square
      • Sharp
      • Linear
      • Constant
      • Random
    • Mesh Grabber User Guide (.PDF)

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.12

Install Types:

DazCentral, DIM, Manual Install