Xtreme Reshade for Iray Uber

Xtreme Reshade for Iray Uber

Have you ever felt like being able to rotate a shader with the exact angle you need? Have you ever thought that it would be easier to scale a shader with a single dial? Have you ever wondered what your render would look like if some materials were more or less saturated, had other hues, other lightness levels, or if their base color could benefit other effects? Have you ever needed some color adjustments that you could not reach because the initial colors were too different from what you wanted? In this case, Xtreme Reshade for Iray Uber is made for you!

Xtreme Reshade for Iray Uber is a set of tools that allow you to customize your existing Iray Uber materials and shaders as never before. It includes both tiling and color operations that are easily accessible via well-organized surface properties, and it works on any surface as long as Iray Uber was initially used as the base shader on those surfaces. It is also often compatible with 3Delight materials and shaders. This is why it can be used on a wide majority of props, wearables, hair, and even on most Genesis 3 and 8 figures (but it cannot be used on Genesis 8.1 or other figures using the PBR skin shader).

Xtreme Reshade was made extremely easy to use. Simply select the surfaces you want and apply one of the shaders included, or use the auto-apply script to automatically apply the recommended shader for each of these surfaces. Once done, a new set of properties appears at the top of the properties in the Surfaces Editor tab.

Additional Tiling Properties: Some of these new properties are tiling properties and act on all maps. This is the case of the Shader Rotation, Shader Translation and Shader Scale properties. Concerning the tiling properties, you can apply any rotation angle you want, you will see the result instantaneously in Daz Studio Viewport using NVIDIA Iray preview mode. The Shader Scale allows you to use a single dial to increase or decrease the current tiling, respecting your original tiles ratio.

Additional Color Properties:
Other properties are color properties and will act on the Base Color of the shader. The strength of all the new color properties modifying the Base Color can be dialed and mapped. Concerning the Base Color additional properties, you can modify the original Base Color using two effects (two layer blending modes), and once those effects are applied, you can access and control the lightness as well as the values of the Red, Green and Blue channels via dials. Said differently, you can – if you want - apply two effects (FX1 and FX2) and once done, you can dial up or down red, green, blue and lightness levels. R, G, B and lightness dials limits allow you to push any color channel – red, green or blue - well above its current value in the base color map, allowing you for instance to turn a dark blueish color into a light reddish one or even into white using the included dials.

The two effects, FX1 and FX2, in their basic use, are configured to allow you to decrease - down to grayscale levels - or to increase the saturation of the base color maps. They are not limited to their default saturation changes and can also be used, in the Advanced Mode, with other types of effects, with a total of 27 blending modes available per effect. Activating or de-activating the Advanced Mode is super easy since in consists in launching a script and clicking a button.

Xtreme Reshade for Iray Uber is compatible with most props, hair, wearable elements, and most Genesis 3 and 8 Figures since they generally rely on Iray Uber or basic 3Delight shaders. It was not made to be used with Genesis 8.1 figures, which do not rely on Iray Uber. Results of tiling and color operations are only visible in Iray previews and renders.

Shader too dark, too light, too red ? Eyes too brown ? Need of pink hair instead of black hair ? The shader is not well oriented ? The material is not saturated enough ? No worry, now Xtreme Reshade can solve this for you !

Whether you want to slightly adjust lightness, hue, saturation, or you want to drastically change colors for strong or crazy effects, it’s up to you, and it’s so simple now with Xtreme Reshade For Iray Uber!

What's Included and Features

  • Xtreme Reshade for Iray Uber (.DUF)
  • Utility Scripts
    • !!Documentation
    • !Auto Apply
    • !Change Limits
    • !Reset Color Tweaks
    • !Reset Rot Pos Scale
  • Shaders
    • MR Chroma Metal
    • MR Chroma No Metal
    • MR Mono Metal
    • MR Mono No Metal
    • SG Chroma
    • SG Mono
    • W Chroma
    • W Mono

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.16

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install