DS Architectural Rendering Mastery

DS Architectural Rendering Mastery

Can't get the hang of your architectural Daz Studio Iray renders?
Do you find it difficult to control HDRI lighting and get it right?

With these step by step video tutorials, you'll master the process in no time. Learn all about the pro's and con's of various lighting techniques, and how to use Photoshop to enhance your work so it looks even more fabulous.

What's Included and Features

  • DS Architectural Rendering Mastery:
    • 3 lighting styles, including HDRI, non HDRI and a hybrid solution
    • Learn all the pitfalls of HDRI lighting and how to maintain full lighing control as well as quality
    • Learn how to control the skies even after the render is finished using special DAZ Studio rendered masks
    • Enhance your work with quick & easy Photoshop touch up (can be applied to any 2D software with layers)
    • See 4 images being made from scratch, including postwork
    • Master the 3D camera when it comes to architectural rendering
    • Light intensities and what lights to use
    • HD 1280 x 720 video in downloadable WMV + MP4 formats
    • Total running time: 153 min
  • Breakdown of videos:
    • Module 1
      • 01.01 Introduction
      • 01.02 Scene1_Camera
      • 01.03 Scene1_Lights
      • 01.04 Scene1_Lights2
      • 01.05 Scene1_Lights3
      • 01.06 Scene1_FinalRender
      • 01.07 Scene1_Postwork
    • Module 2
      • 02.01 Scene2_Part1
      • 02.02 Scene2_Part2
      • 02.03 Scene3_Part3
    • Module 3
      • 03.01 Scene3_Part1
      • 03.02 Scene3_Part2
    • Bonus Module
      • Bonus_Part1
      • Bonus_Part2


  • This product includes:
    • 1 General MP4 Installer
    • 2 General WMV Installers

Install Types:

Install Manager, Manual Install

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