Hallways XI for Poser

Hallways XI for Poser

Product Features:
* Includes the following Poser figures (obj, cr2/ png):
- Hallway, at 217,161 polygons.
- End Station, at 1,523 polygons.
- Stand-up Station, at 1,122 polygons.
- Hall Stand, at 2,205 polygons.

Also includes a Hallway with the End Station and 2 stand-up stations already in place.

Hallway Moving Parts:
* Like our other sets, all walls (and the ceiling) can be hidden for easier camera placement.
* The two sets of left and right doors can open and close, with an ERC dial on the Body.
* The rear doors can open and close, with an ERC dial on the Body.

The other models do not include any moving parts.

* One set of textures is included.
* This model uses Poser`s shader nodes (such as reflection) for some materials.
* All of the monitor screens use their own texture map, which makes it easy to change the screens and customize the room to suit the needs of your scene.

* Hide/ show each wall and the ceiling sections.
* Hiding and showing the left arch hides and shows the left doors, hiding the right arch hides and shows the right doors..

* Seven camera files are included.
* The camera files also hide any walls which may be blocking the camera.
* All of the sales images were created using the included camera files.

All images rendered in Poser Pro 2012.
People not included.

Poser 6, Poser 7+, Poser Pro 2010+, Poser Pro 2014 & Game Dev, Poser 9+, Poser 11

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