Natural Female Posing - DAZ Studio Video Tutorial

Natural Female Posing - DAZ Studio Video Tutorial

Make your DAZ Studio female figures look ultra female and stunningly beautiful with special posing techniques. Learn what tools to use, what techniques to apply and how to adjust things manually--even using some dirty Photoshop tricks.

What's Included and Features

  • Natural Female Posing - DAZ Studio Video Tutorial:
    • Total running time: 1h 33 min
    • WMV video format 1600 x 900
    • 4 Main videos
    • 2 Bonus videos
    • Learn all about the 3 keys to advanced posing techniques for that ultra feminine touch and more realistic renders:
      • Deformation
      • Weight distribution
      • Small details
    • The 4 ways of creating deformation in the right places
    • How to know where the weight goes, and several unique ways of creating gravity and the illusion of weight just where it needs to go
    • 3 powerful small details that instantly make your renders look more feminine
    • Manual approaches and techniques right inside DAZ Studio
    • Examples of powerful tools and add ons, and exactly how to use them
    • BONUS video: Getting inspired by photos and what to look for in order to mimic that female touch
    • BONUS video: 5 dirty Photoshop tricks for mimicking deformation and weight, down to the smallest details that make a huge difference without even touching DAZ Studio
    • NOTE: Photoshop techniques can be applied to other applications with layers, such as the free Gimp

Install Types:

Install Manager, Manual Install