AtoZ Geeble City Walls Addons I v1

AtoZ Geeble City Walls Addons I v1

AtoZ Geeble City Walls Addons I v1

REQUIRED: AtoZ Geeble City Walls I

Long after the wars, when the craters' radioactivity reached safe levels, the bottoms were dug out and flattened. Then the huge Geeble Walled Cities were built. To protect the cities from invasion from the outlands, high walled moats acted as the city's base. Access to the cities were either high (expensive to maintain) portals or the new Geeble Walled City Gates included here. These AtoZ Geeble Walled City Gates were usually installed in two or four configurations. Each Geeble City Gate had both interior and exterior High Energy Sealing Shields which destroyed all matter that tried to pass... even air molecules!.

This AtoZ City Walls Addons I offering includes
Two (mirror imaged) terrains
City Gates with Vents/pipes, External Braces and Observation Buildings, plus Articulated Energy Shields
Tunnels, Roads and Trestles plus pieces and parts so you can build and extend the Trestles as you may wish.
Spectacular Articulated Golden Sky Bridge (with arches)
Articulated Sky Bridge (no Arches)
Both articulated bridges are equipped with paired sliding leveling/locks.
Also included are two sets of Bollards for traffic safety and control.

So... In this offering AtoZ makes (like in all own Geeble offerings) LARGE look small? (Note: all figures and vehicles are scaled to 6%)
Look at the Vanguard entering the AtoZ Geeble City Walls Gate it looks really small! See the promo pics.
The Gate Entryway dwarfs it! Look down at the "really big"/largest wheeled vehicles below... They look like toys!
The Twin Observation Towers really tower over all of these from where they are placed on the the inner walls of the gate overlooking the pavement below. And talk about large... that Vanguard flew right under the towering arches of the Golden Sky Bridge! Note: Also included: Is a Sky Bridge without arches...

We at AtoZ hope you're mind is already spinning preparing to enjoy creating your own unique scenes and renders with this AtoZ Geeble City Wall Gate offering.

Required Products: AtoZ Geeble City Walls I v1

Software: Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 +

Architecture for Daz Studio and Poser