Rendering and Lighting Solutions Workshop

Rendering and Lighting Solutions Workshop

Rendering in DAZ Studio can be as complex as you want it to be. The depth and breadth of options are remarkable, but at the same can be daunting. Since rendering is interconnected with the lighting AND the materials in a scene, it can be challenging to have patience in creating the look you want!

In this tutorial workshop, we pooled together the collective experience of several DAZ Studio artists, providing you with shortcuts, product recommendations, high value tips and shared artwork.

Tutorial workshop : 1 hour and 45 minutes

Topics in this workshop

- The value of ghostlights

- Review and demonstration of Ghost Light kits (Kindred Arts)

- Review and demonstration of Iray light probe kit (Kindred Arts)

- Lighting tips used in production of graphic novel indoor and outdoor scenes

- Character portrait lighting tips by professional artist Isikol

- Iray canvases overview by Robbie Laliberte

- Review of Jack Tomalin's Iray render service

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Product artwork by LEANDRA DAWN

What's Included and Features

  • This product includes:
    • 1 General Core Installer
  • Rendering and Lighting Solutions Workshop (.MP4)
  • Tutorial workshop : 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • 00:03 Better character lighting : Using ghost lights by IceDragonArt
  • 00:08 Ghost light products
  • 00:15 Iray Ghost light kit (Kindred Arts) demo by IceDragonArt
  • 00:20 Ghost light resulting render
  • 00:25 Griffin Avid tips and use of lighting in his Force 6 Annhilator graphic novels
  • 00:30 Use and demo of the Iray light probe kit (Kindred Arts)
  • 00:35 HDRI in external scenes
  • 00:38 Atmospheric effects : dust storms
  • 00:40 Using fire assets to ramp up lighting intensity
  • 00:45 Light tips from Isikol professional artist creating character illustrations for slot machines.
  • 00:50 Four examples of Isikol's work.
  • 00:55 Using a main light and a rim light for character portraits
  • 01:00 Steam punk train scene (Isikol)
  • 01:05 Iray Light path expressions and canvases by Robbie Laliberte
  • 01:10 Iray Canvases demonstration with a single character
  • 01:15 Iray Render with canvases
  • 01:20 Iray tone mapping
  • 01:25 Art by Cajun Beauty
  • 01:30 Use of backgrounds and emmisive lighting
  • 01:35 Skin lighting test on Babina 8 character by Trevor Hancock
  • 01:40 Lighting through water assets by Trevor Hancock
  • 01:45 Jack Tomalin Iray render service demo by Bee McKay

Install Types:

Install Manager, Manual Install