Kitbashing for Beginners: Dramatically Expand your Asset Library

Kitbashing for Beginners: Dramatically Expand your Asset Library

Dramatically expand your asset library for male characters! There are a huge amount of female assets for the various DAZ Studio figures, but there is a limited amount of content for male characters, resulting in far fewer choices for artists.

The problem is seen across all the categories of assets in terms of skin, hair, clothing and more. Thus, finding ways to utilize female figure assets for males in DAZ Studio, or vice-versa can vastly expand the possibilities available to you.

Parminder Baddhan shows comprehensive solutions to this challenge, helping you to utilize your existing content library, create unique looking characters AND save money in the process using this unique form of kitbashing.

  • Software/Assets Required
    • DAZ Studio (free)
    • Blender (free) – only basic knowledge required
    • UV swap for Genesis 8.1
    • Genesis 8 UV swap male and female base
    • Genesis 3 UV swap make and female base

Webinar Content

  • Morphing Unpacked
    • Explained : Why and how morphing characters provide key advantages for your art
    • How to combine existing character morphs to generate unique characters
    • How to use Blender to create your own custom morphs with a recommended workflow
  • Gender skin swapping? Yes!
    • The surprising truth about skin compatibility for Gen 3/8/8.1 females on Gen 3/8/8.1 Males and vice versa.
    • Revealed : The pros and cons about gender skin swapping
  • “Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes” : Jim Carrey
    • Eye compatibility : why female eyes are better for Genesis 3 and 8 figures
    • A look at Genesis 8.1 eyes : are they compatible for previous generations?
  • Gender hair swapping? Let’s see what’s possible…
    • A deep focus on hair compatibility for males and females across Genesis 3,8 and 8.1
    • How to avoid rigging problems with autofit
  • Clothing compatibility
    • A study on utilizing clothes between figures and genders across Genesis 3, 8 and 8.1
  • If the shoe fits…
    • Parmin analyses shoe compatibility between Genesis generations and genders for Genesis 3, 8 and 8.1
    • How to get Genesis 3 high heels to fit Genesis 8 characters

Searchable Video Sampler

About the Presenter: Parminder Baddhan

“I’m Parmy Baddhan, founder of Mastery Grit Comics and I tell compelling superhero stories through the graphic novel medium using DAZ Studio.

I started my journey with DAZ Studio in December 2018 to express my creativity. I realized very early that lighting was the biggest element to create good renders and I focused my efforts there!

About 2 months into my DAZ Studio journey, I decided to tell superhero stories that I grew up watching and reading as a kid in the 1980’s.

In March 2019, I created a short story called Assassins, helping me to realize that I had a gap on some skills and knowledge to take things further. As a result I turned to Digital Art Live to help me achieve my storytelling goals with DAZ Studio!

I created my YouTube channel in May 2019, where I share my knowledge helping DAZ Studio beginners create quality renders and understand the specifics of 3D Digital Art.

In December 2019 I decided to create my first professional graphic novel called Tiger Dragon: The Rebirth. The story follows the journey of Ayame Ozaki who realizes that normal life is not for her and the universe had a greater purpose in store . The graphic novel is available to pre-order from my website.

To help me achieve my goals I created my motto, #commit2mastery. The #commit2mastery motto is a reminder to always-be-learning (ABL) and progress is all that matters. This also includes transforming my mindset to create the belief that I can achieve my goals and learn any skill.

If you want to live your dream life #commit2mastery


What's Included and Features

  • Kitbashing for Beginners
  • Video 1 : 1 hour 52 minutes(.MP4)
  • Searchable video version with optional captions
    • 00:00 Introduction
    • 00:03 Why kitbash our characters?
    • 00:06 Recommended head morphs utility
    • 00:09 Applying existing morph: using positive and negative values
    • 00:12 Mixing existing morphs
    • 00:15 Percentage variation recommendations
    • 00:19 Using Blender to create a new morph
    • 00:23 Exporting base male correctly for Blender (see also Blender bridge video)
    • 00:26 Q&A segment and comments on Parmy’s presentation so far
    • 00:28 Importing base male OBJ into Blender
    • 00:32 About the eyelids and lips
    • 00:34 “Along the normals”
    • 00:39 A few blender basics and a few brushes
    • 00:43 About the DAZ/Blender bridge
    • 00:48 Using Morph Loader Pro for head and body morphs
    • 00:51 Adjust rig to shape (head)
    • 00:55 Adjust rig to shape (body) and ERC freeze
    • 00:58 About presets
    • 01:02 Adjusting and saving your own morphs from DAZ
    • 01:06 Kitbashing the eyes
    • 01:11 About the eyes in the various Genesis generations.
    • 01:14 Skin quiz!
    • 01:21 Considerations using female skin on male characters
    • 01:24 How to use female skins on male characters
    • 01:28 Issues to watch for, including eyebrows
    • 01:32 Adjusting a skin texture map
    • 01:36 About skin normal maps
    • 01:40 Applying an adjusted normal map, including on lips
    • 01:45 UV swapping for alien skins
    • 01:47 When UV swapping won't work
    • 01:51 Close
  • Video 2 : 1 hour 53 minutes (.MP4)
  • Searchable video version with optional captions
    • 00:02 Review of part 1
    • 00:07 Issues discussed in part 1
    • 00:08 G8.1 skins on G8 or G3 can’t be used
    • 00:09 Torso map now split into 2 on G8.1
    • 00:12 Part 2 starting - hair and clothing
    • 00:13 About auto fit and it’s benefits
    • 00:13 Fallow Hair
    • 00:16 Question for participants : female/male hair products ratio of products
    • 00:23 Not all female hair might be suitable
    • 00:25 Sometimes the auto fit doesn’t work and the morphs are broken
    • 00:27 Adding hair without auto fit
    • 00:31 dForce High Voltage Hair
    • 00:36 Quiz : female or male original clothing?
    • 00:42 Clothing : head and neck
    • 00:43 Case study - Andromeda sci-fi outfit for G8F
    • 00:47 Nitsu Hinshi Samurai warrior G3F outfit
    • 00:51 Emeka outfit : G3F outfit
    • 00:53 The waist and leg area - how to manage that with converting female to male clothing
    • 00:57 Autofit can stretch the material in this area - so what can we do
    • 01:10 G3 female to G8 male example
    • 01:15 Lethal Rogue outfit : clothing fix
    • 01:21 G8.1 pants test
    • 01:25 Dealing with boots
    • 01:28 Smoothing for footwear
    • 01:30 Save boots and pose
    • 01:32 G3 flat footwear fits well with G8
    • 01:34 G8 footwear
  • Supplementary video : Using the DAZ Studio / Blender Bridge : 6 minutes (DAZ2Blender.MP4)
  • Documentation: (.PDF)
    • 58 page PDF guide

Required Products:

Genesis 3 UV Swap: Male and Female Base
Genesis 8 UV Swap: Male and Female Base
UV Swap for Genesis 8.1

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, DIM, Manual Install