Prime Poses : Community Tutorial

Prime Poses : Community Tutorial

With so many joints to manage in a 3D character, creating your own successful poses is daunting. An unnatural pose can quickly break an otherwise flawless image, removing the element of realism from the scene.

Have you struggled with:

  • Using the Posing dials and Pose Control dials in the parameters pane
  • PowerPose?
  • Where to start the process in posing a character?
  • Identifying the center of gravity for a character?
  • Posing the hand successfully?
  • Matching a pose from a reference photo?
  • Showing characters interacting with valid poses?
  • How to set up and save hierarchical poses for use with props or multiple figures

If so, Prime Poses is an excellent resource to help you master character posing!

To tackle the challenges in posing, it is necessary to gain a thorough understanding of the controls available in DAZ Studio as well as absorbing some background on anatomy and body language.

In this community workshop, artists share their valuable experience on creating successful poses by sharing examples, providing tips on how to pose the more difficult parts of the body, and recommending resources to assist in posing characters.

Take your posing skills to the next level with this in-depth workshop, Prime Poses, which includes 1 hour and 44 minutes worth of instruction!

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What's Included and Features

  • This Bundle Includes:
    • Prime Poses : Community Tutorial: Running Time : 1 hour and 44 minutes (.MP4)
    • 00:00 Introduction
    • 00:01 Peter von Stackelberg:
      • Confrontation poses
      • Fighting pose showing stress expressed in the fingers
      • Using renaissance art as a reference for poses.
      • 00:05 Fight or flight?
      • 00:06 Blocking a punch
      • 00:07 Turn off limits for posing.
    • 00:09 Tasos Anastasiades:
      • 00:09 Posed characters in the Traveler volume 2 graphic novel.
      • 00:11 Using poses for character concepts.
      • 00:12 Military poses - harder work for holding weapons.
      • 00:13 Positive characters and poses for the pandemic wearing masks.
      • 00:14 Exercise to determine what is about to happen in the scene due to the posed characters.
      • 00:17 Lighting inter-played with posing to create the mood.
      • 00:19 Hero vs Villains - contrast of body language/poses
      • 00:21 How to pose for energetic / dynamic actions.
      • 00:23 Expression and pose of reaction to extreme danger
      • 00:25 Using dust and haze to enhance action.
      • 00:27 Where neutral expressions are required in a scene
    • 00:29 Ian Franklin:
      • 00:29 Making poses from scratch. Advantage of reference photos.
      • 00:31 Dynamic fantasy scene.
    • 00:34 Jonathon Cox:
      • 00:34 Hand poses for playing musical instruments
      • 00:36 About to strike a drum
      • 00:39 Kid riding a dog!
      • 00:41 Superhero action pose
      • 00:43 Character dipping toe into the cold water.
    • 00:47 Leyla Munteanu - sword fight:
      • 00:48 Cheating for more extreme poses
      • 00:49 Problem with facial expressions looking stiff
    • 00:57 Slater Lewis on how to use the Puppeteer:
      • 01:00 In between set poses
      • 01:03 Puppeteer can use layers
      • 01:06 Tips on using Puppeteer to it's potential
      • 01:10 Tips and use of Power Pose
    • 01:19 Rod Shelly - Poser artwork and posing tips:
      • 01:22 Poses with gripping light savers
      • 01:26 Character climbing a chain - showing strain in the fingers
    • 01:31 Trevor Hancock:
      • 01:32 Character running and pursuit.
      • 01:34 dForce steampunk scene
      • 01:36 Poses for animal considered
      • 01:38 Character posing and touch in reacting to each other.

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install