AtoZ Kudos Watch Tower I v1

AtoZ Kudos Watch Tower I v1

AtoZ Planet Kudos Watch Tower I v1 – (Planet Kudos described in short at the end of this brief)
A typical day begins with a quick “little” trip. Captain Harvey Wensler then checked his dose meter and noted it was still green. 'And Kudos dosed me all the way here!' he thought. “At least I didn't get fried!” he said to the emptiness around him. And that had happened even though getting from base to his assigned tower was a distance of almost 3,000 miles or about 4,800 which he covered in roughly ten minutes at speeds reaching over 39,000mph or 62,760kph. He rode in his pod at a constant acceleration of 6gs. It ran in a frictionless vacuum filled crystaline transport tube.
He stepped out of his pod and commanded,“Lights!” The tower's AI responded filling the darkness with a pleasant level of illumination. Over time it had learned his various preferences.
“Sir, I'm afraid the lift is becoming a bit twitchy!” the AI reported.
“If you'd reported that to me, I would have sent a Fixit Squad of droids to attend to it!” Harvey's voice had an edge of anger in it.
“Sorry sir, during the last tour Gilbert requested droids ... The ones they sent reported that parts would coming soon...”
“So I can get my excercise!” Harvey sarcastically replied.
“'Fraid so sir... Sorry I can't help.”
'I guess an empty sorry is better than none at all from an AI,' Harvey thought.
He strapped on his magnetic climbing boots and safety harness then started the climb. Everybody knew how many rungs, but no one counted them.
Five minutes later he pushed open the Observation Deck's Hatch and worked his way to standing. “Whew!” he exclaimed.
“Not your best time sir!” the AI reported.
“Didn't have to be... There's no alert!”
As though on cue, a blaring echoing aralm klazon suddenly sounded!
'I shouldn't have said anything,' both the Ai and Harvey thought.
In the distance there was a bright flare as a DragonFire was launched out of its lair. All Harvey could see of it was the angular top, but he knew that one to three DragonFires were at every launch tower.
“Do those guys sleep in there fighters?” Harvey asked in a tone denoting that an answer wasn't necessary.
“Yes sir, all Ready Crews are fully sealed and sit for hours while they're on call.”
“That was a rhetorical question... Haven't you learned all my entonations yet?” Harvey questioned.
“Working on that sir... Noted!”
The Dragonfire in the distance was not settling in for a stealthy hover over the planet, it was enginges and lifters were full ablaze!
“Number 26 going orbital for an early kill,” the AI reported as Harvey got settled in his observation console and brought up the necessary screens. “Headed out to swat a fly today Kile?” he asked of the pilot now rocketing out of sight!
“Good morning to you... About time you checked in Harv!”
“I always have time for you 26! Happy hunting! Now updating your onboard with a plotted reentry trajectory and notifying Planetary Microwave Control”
“See when I get back down.”
“Observation Watch Tower Kudos 185 out!”
Kudos' Watch Towers are manned observation outposts spread across its few land masses of this deadly but unfathomly rich planet. They are solitarily manned by a highly specialized personnel. The crews move at speeds as mentioned above to and from their outposts. They travel in transport pods that slide in a vacuum in frictionless crystiline Crysteel tubes. These tubes, pods and transport section for this Kudos Watch Tower are available in a separate product coming soon or now available!
Once in the tower, the crew is protected when necessary from Kudos' ferocious storms with their extraordinary panels of lightning that strike the planet's surface. These towering long duration panels have swept across the planets surface for millieum. These nearly fusion hot panels tower thousands of feet into the atmosphere and due to the heat produced cause powerful updrafts in their wake. Therefore the panels liquify and vapourize the surface. The updrafts suck both molten and vaporous surface material upwards into the upper reaches of the atmosphere where it cools. Far behind the storm these cooled materials rain down back to the surface as purified rare earth elements, gems, jewels and something else, the someting else that makes Kudos so unique and valuable, it is called Shard.
When a crew member arrives, if they are lucky the tower's internal lift (included) is operational and they can travel the seven plus stories to their observation console (not-included) with relative ease. If the lift has failed, they have to climb the many hand rungs (included) from their arrival floor to the Observation Deck above.
The tower with it's articulated enfolding petals, outer and inner clear Crysteel domes can withstand the winds of the storms, but are vunerable if it has or develops a lighting panel. Tower impacts by panels are rare, but if they're lucky the crew can evacuate back to base. Once they get to their high tower station, they are protected by a third layer inner dome. This inner dome sits on the (included Smart Prop) Observation Deck Extension.
At its initial load position, the Watch Tower can then be enhanced in stages. You might want to load a Watch Tower to place in the distance then you can simply move it and scale it as necessasy! Of course the Watch Towers design allows you to add the articulated Lift (which is not "smart") at that initial load position. (Or you can use the included “All” preload.) Of course, you could then the Interior (not “smart”) can be loaded at anytime as well as the smart extended top tower decking and it's secondary smart dome.
Both of these extremely complex pieces of Kudos' Inner Planetary Defense are designed for high resolution renders, but may I tell you in advance some of the tower's functions leave a little to one's imagination.
The Poser Version: Either load an (included) “!Preloaded” or “!Loaded” Tower or you will have to load a Tower and other included items and parent them before it can be moved!
DAZ 3D Studio Version: Includes one preload of the tower only in the "Scene Subsets" folder, one complete scene in "Scenes>TJM>SciFi" and the other files, Figures, Props and Poses are found in the Runtime folder ... move them as you wish.
IMPORTANT: Either load an (included) “!Preloaded” or “!Loaded” Tower or you will have to load a Tower and other included items and parent them before it can be!
This AtoZ Planet Kudos Set includes, the articulated Watch Tower, its Observation Deck, Interior Detailed articulated floors, articulated Lift, and Runged Ladder. For your convience several preloads are also included.
The Watch Tower Internal Floors have trapdoors allowing each to allow either lift operation or ladder climbing access. Note rungs can be hidden as may be necessary.
BONUS Item #1 and 2 A Terrain, and SkyDome PLUS a complete Tower, terrain and sky dome cameras and lights preset in included! ... AND also a Poser Scene of this load.
BONUS Item #3 and 4 P3DA LoRes Male Casual KUDOS Uniform as a MAT Pose plus actual Poses and V4 and M4 Poses as well
Please note that the articulated Upper Floor of the Tower and Petal "Flex" area is ficticiously made of an impossible to imagine material that seems to be both sold and liquid, a bit of suspended belief is required in this area of the Tower.
Poser Files and DAZ3D Source files are located in:
Runtime>Geometries>TJM> Kudos> or Misc> or Skydomes> or Terrains>
Runtime>Textures>TJM>(root) or Kudos> or Skydomes> or Terrains>
Runtime>Libraries>Pose>TJM> Kudos>Kudos MATs or Kudos Poses> or
MAT P3DA LoRes Male> or Terrains>
Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM> Kudos> or Skydomes> or Terrains>
DAZ3D Files found in:
Scene Subsets for the Full Tower Load only
Please watch for all the key Planet Kudos surface items: This Watch Tower, the DragonFire Planetary protector craft, its, unique Launch Tower and the Microwave Transmission Tower that is holds the DragonFire's Microwave Transmitters. These can keep a DragonFire aloft almost indefinately due to its unique receiver and atmospheric thrusters.
I hope you add this highly detailed and articulated AtoZ Kusos Watch Tower to your AtoZ 3D Library and may I thank you in advance should you chose to do so.
TIm Machan, aka Tiger9166, aka AtoZ
AtoZ Copyright 2019 all rights reserved as spelled out in the Renderosity licencing agreements!
Where is the Kudos System? What is so unique about the planet Kudos? I'll ask you to imagine a system moving outward from the center of the Big Bang faster than any other. Then imagine a planet that has it's sun circling it. Can you picture a shifting molten surface with few stable continnents? Woukld you dare visit it's highly radioactive surface? In order to do this you'll have to descend throught it's heavily clouded atmosphere that is extremely toxic and corrosive. If you make it you will then be able to witness storm systems that move at 800 miles per hour. They travel with miles long sweeping lightning panels that last for hours. Can you begin to imagine the extraordinary pressures these panels exert on the surface, let alone the heat they generate? Behind these panels are powerful superheated updrafts that carry molten materials miles into the sky where they congeal. Behind these storms these now purified materials rain down on the surface. It is no surpize that the surface of Kudos is littered with layer upon layer of pure rare minerals and gems. It is a planet whose value is beyond comprehension. Now, who has found this place and dared to try to tame it? With pirates, theives and scoundrels trying to scoop up the planet's treasure, how do they protected it? Beyond all this are its deepest mysteries, the secrets of its existence. The planet's discovery and answers to the questions above and so much more are available to you at Amazon Books (Kindle)... The first book of “The Chronicles of Kudos” is titled “Way Station II” and you can read some of it there for free!

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